Thoracic Surgeons In Southern California

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Southern California is known for its excellent cardiothoracic surgery departments especially at the University of Southern California. This region has seen massive advancement and improvement in the technology and treatment of thoracic surgery.

For more than ten years the University of Southern California has been handling the treatment and provision of care for thoracic diseases under the management of Vaughn A. Starnes, M.D. The surgeons are credited with more than 15,000 open-heart surgeries, which have included replacement and repair of valves as well as the coronary artery bypass surgeries. Apart from this, there are more than 10,000 surgeries under their credit for diseases related to the esophagus, chest wall and lungs, which are all categorized under adult thoracic surgery.

Faculty and Staff for Thorax Surgery

The renowned physicians include the chief of the medical department for cardiothoracic surgery, Vaughn A. Starnes, M.D., senior surgeon. Also part of the team are Craig J. Baker, M.D., Mark L. Barr, M.D., Robbin G. Cohen, M.D., Mark J. Cunningham, M.D., Steven R. DeMeester, MD and Cynthia S. Herrington, M.D.

Chief Surgeons and Faculty Staff

Other chief surgeons and faculty staff include Ming Lu Huang, M.D., P. Michael McFadden, M.D. , Ismael N. Nuno, M.D., and Winfield J. Wells, M.D. These surgeons make up the exceptionally experienced team at the University of Southern California cardiothoracic surgery department. The research department includes PhD holders like Mary Kearns- Jonker, Ph.D. and Ching- Ling Lien, Ph.D. These experts provide cutting-edge research and first hand applications for patients admitted under the care of these positions.
There are different fellowships for doctors and some of the current cardiothoracic fellows include Fernando Fleischman, M.D., Vikas Gupta, M.D., Eric Montero, M.D. and Amy Hackmann, M.D., along with Ram Subramanyan, M.D.

The experienced physician’s assistant most notable at the University of Southern California includes faculty staff Robert E. Sachs, PA-C.

The nurse and research co-ordination division is taken up by Sophia Lam, R.N., N.P., Raymund, Gantioque, R.N., N.P., Cherilyn, Wisco, R.N., N.P., Tracy, Ruben, R.N., N.P., and Becky Lopez, R.N. for research, as well as Nurse Felicia Schenkel, R.N. who is the transplant coordinator.

Head of the Department

The head of the department for cardiothoracic surgery, Vaughn A. Starnes, M.D., is established as the Hastings Distinguished Professor. He is also the H. Russell Smith Foundation Chair as the support structure for Cardiovascular Thoracic Research, and is functioning as the Director of the Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He’s also the Director of the University Of Southern California Cardiovascular Thoracic Institute, and functions as the Surgeon-in-chief of USC University Hospital and Norris Cancer Hospital at University of Southern California. The surgeon also takes on the position of Director of the training program for cardiothoracic residency at the esteemed Keck School of Medicine.

Work Profile

This cardiothoracic surgeon acquired his medical degree from Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina. His general surgery training was acquired at the esteemed Vanderbilt University, where he went on to complete two years of research in cardiothoracic pharmacology and physiology. Following this, he completed two years as the resident cardiovascular surgeon at Stanford University and functioned for one year as the chief resident in cardiac transplantation.

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