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Want to invest in Watsonville, California homes for sale? Read on for facts and info on real estate in Watsonville, California…

Watsonville is a city in the Santa Cruz County of California in the United States. The total population of the city is over 50,000, and there is a vast variety of ethnic backgrounds among the people. Watsonville has a large Hispanic population, as well as small groups of Filipinos, Japanese, Yugoslavian and Caucasian. Watsonville is basically a small farming community best known for its lettuce, apples and strawberries. If you are a prospective resident of Watsonville there are a lot of opportunities to invest in Watsonville, California homes for sale real estate.

About the City of Watsonville

Watsonville is situated in the center of Monterey Bay 95 miles south of San Francisco and has a total area of 6.6 square miles. The city has over 50,000 people and around 11,400 households. The city has countless recreational activities such as sports, parks and after school activities. The Callaghan Park and Joyce-McKenzie Park are two of the major parks that offer a variety of facilities including tennis and swings for children. Softball, volleyball, basketball and soccer are some of the teams the city has. There are various activities for children and adults alike to enjoy on their weekends. From babysitting and fun cooking programs for children, to Musical Chicago in Sacramento and other programs for adults there are many activities available. If you are looking to relocate to Watsonville there are countless Watsonville, California homes for sale real estate agents to help you around.

When looking to invest in Watsonville, California homes for sale real estate there are two types of possibilities. Either a person can opt for a huge mansion like an estate in the most posh area, or people could go for small homes for their families. Depending upon your approach and financial disposition you are sure to find the right estate for you.
The Hazel Dell Ht area of Watsonville is perhaps the most expensive area, with estates and large houses are available for approximately $7,500,000. The Ohlone Py Watsonville is also an expensive area where an estate of around 11 acres can be available for $3,950,000. Quarter Horse Lane is another expensive neighborhood of Watsonville where a house of 3-4 bedrooms costs around $ 2,618,000. Areas such as The Shore Lane, Puffin Lane and Hillview Wy are also posh areas with costs from $3,000,000 to $4,000,000. These are ideal places to make high investments in Watsonville, California homes for sale real estate.

People who are looking to invest in small Watsonville, California homes for sale real estate also have ample opportunities. Blanca is a place that offers small houses from 1-2 bedrooms in the price range of $40,000 to $80,000. Sunnyhills Drive, Miller Road, Green Meadow and Madison Watsonville are places where houses can be acquired for a range of $ 150,000 to $185,000.

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