Winter Rentals in Florida

With plenty of sunshine and a mild winter, Florida is one of the perfect locations to enjoy in your winter vacations. You can enjoy leaving all the snow and sleet of your hometown behind and enjoy great venues and outdoor activities. Many visitors like to getaway for the weekend while others, who call themselves snow birds, prefer to spend the whole of winter in Florida.

Florida is not only limited to its beautiful beaches. It has a lot more to offer than many people are actually aware of. The tropical climate of Florida becomes really pleasant in winter with temperatures not going as high as in summer. Winters are also less humid and by evening the weather gets really cool and pleasant. At night temperatures can even drop to 40s and so it’s advisable to pack some sweaters on your winter vacation to Florida.

With lots of amazing theme parks and thrill rides to enjoy, you will never get bored in Florida. The water will remain cool to enjoy dips in the ocean and sun bathing in the winter sun. Since the winter still remains to be an off season for many businesses in Florida, you can get some great deals on many attractions you visit. Sports complexes, water parks, outlet malls, and museums are just a few of the great spots to enjoy during your stay.

Disney Deals

If you’re visiting Florida you simply cannot miss Disney World. This is one of the most famous attractions in Florida and many people actually prefer staying in Disney World resorts to make the most out of their visit. There is just so much to enjoy in Disney World that you cannot soak it all in, in just one day.

The best time to visit Disney World is between October and February, which makes this another great place for your winter vacation. Not only is the weather much cooler but the decorations are also fabulous. You can get some great winter deals in any level of Disney resort hotel you like. Most hotels here offer up to 40% off during this time of the year.

Some great Disney offers give you gift cards worth $200, $300, and $400 if you book a five night stay with them. These gift cards can be used in various sporting events, other special winter events, restaurants, shops, recreation, and a whole lot more. There are lots of other great deals available in winter so make sure to stop by the Disney website to get more details before you arrive in Florida for your winter vacation.

Winter Rentals

Winter is a great time to get amazing deals on rentals, hotels, and other accommodations in Florida. As this is a much quieter time than summers in Florida, many hotels and rentals greatly reduce their rates and offer great packages to entice visitors to come in winter too. Plan on where you want to go in Florida and then check out the different deals and offers going on there for accommodation.

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