Queen Anne China Cabinets

Queen Anne china Cabinets are popular amongst antique lovers. For more information on what to look for in Queen Anne furniture read on…

Queen Anne is a style of furniture that became popular at the beginning of the 18th century. Prior to that time, furniture tended to have simple geometric lines and to be massive in scale. During the Queen Anne period, furniture makers created pieces which were smaller, more decorative and more comfortable than furniture from the past. Queen Anne style furniture is most defined by cabriole legs which are legs that feature an arch, and sometimes a ball and claw foot.

Queen Anne china cabinets include both the Chippendale and the Hepplewhite styles. Chippendale and Hepplewhite were the premier furniture designers of their time. The graceful curves and cabriole legs on Chippendale furniture are often embellished with extravagant carving. In contrast, Hepplewhite furniture has simpler lines. Hepplewhite pieces often have bowed fronts and thin straight legs rather than cabriole legs. They do not feature the extravagant carving of Chippendale, but the chairs and china cabinet fronts often have elaborate, lacy designs.

Queen Anne style china cabinets may feature short cabriole legs or may not have legs at all but may sit directly on the floor. Those in the Hepplewhite tradition may have slim square legs. These china cabinets usually feature an arched top and often have spindles in the center or on the sides of the top front of the display portion of the cabinet. Queen Anne china cabinets are highly decorative and are a great addition to a traditional style dining room.

The display portion of Queen Anne china cabinets usually features two tall narrow glass doors with sidelight glass next to each door. The sides of the cabinet are usually made from wood rather than glass. Very good reproductions of Queen Anne china cabinets are available as are cabinets made in the Queen Anne style which lack some of the historical details of reproductions. Real antique Queen Anne china cabinets are rare and very, very expensive since furniture from this period is highly desirable.

While Queen Anne china cabinets will not suit those whose tastes run to modern, they are the perfect choice for traditional decorating. Their graceful lines and beautiful proportions are a wonderful addition to an elegant living or dining space. Although reproductions can be pricy, it is possible to find china cabinets in the style without the historical accuracy at reasonable prices. Since Queen Anne style furniture enjoyed a number of revivals, it may also be possible to find a beautiful second hand china cabinet at vintage furniture or thrift stores.

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