Yazzie Native American Jewelry

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The name of Kee Yazzie has become popular amongst all those people who have a fancy for Native American jewelry. The young Navajo silversmith has made it big with his innovative concepts and Native American inspirations. The artist is known for using only natural fine turquoise gemstones such as Bisbee turquoise, Lander Blue turquoise and Lone Mountain turquoise. ‘

Some of the most interesting Yazzie Native American Jewelry is as follows:

Sterling Silver Pendant with Lone Mountain Turquoise and 14 K gold Bezel

This beautiful variation is based on the maze pendant style but is given a definitive character with its beautiful red coral. Silver bezel adds further brilliance to the pendant. It measures a total of 2 1/2″ long by 1″ wide. This brilliant Yazzie piece is going for $320 in the market.
Kee Yazzie Silver Gold Bracelet

This is a spectacular carved silver bracelet that features a beautiful spider web turquoise gemstone. It has been mounted on a 14k Gold Bezel. The particular Turquoise used for this purpose originates from Old Tibet. This is a rather rare stone which makes the jewelry item all the more precious. At the turquoise the bracelet measures 7/8″ and it is a perfect fit for wrists measuring 6″ to a 6 1/4″ wrist. It can only be slightly adjusted so make sure you order the right size.

Kee Yazzie Silver Bracelet

Also known as the book of life this impressive design takes its inspiration from the maze design. In ancient Native American tribes this theme was meant to signify the continuity of life. It is 7/8″ wide and cannot be adjusted. You will be able to get your hands on this impressive Yazzie Native American bracelet for $695.

Kee Yazzie Heavy Overlay Silver Bracelet

Although this particular bracelet features the traditional Native American maze design it gets its edge with the heavy overlaying effect that the designer has used to give the bracelet its character. It measures 3/4″ wide and is a perfect fit for a 6″ to a 6 1/4″ wrist. This one’s available in the market for $415.

Kee Yazzie Silver Overlay Turquoise Ring

This is one of the most spectacular rings amongst the diverse collection developed by Kee Yazzie. The ring features ancient symbols which are overlaid in a silver ring band. Turquoise gemstones measuring 1 1/8″ x 3/4″ adorn the ring throughout. You can get this one in your ring finger for a little under the five hundred dollar mark.

Kee Yazzie Heavy Silver Gold Coral Cuff Bracelet

Featuring the ancient symbol of creation manifested in the form of a serpent this piece of Yazzie Native American jewelry is sure to take you back to the roots. It has been meticulously crafted on a silver bracelet featuring a silver overlay serpent. The eye of the serpent is 14k solid gold. Enriched with precious stones and metals this cuff bracelet is going to cost you about nine hundred dollars.

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