Exclusive Cottages in Wales

Exclusive cottages in Wales have drawn the attention of visitors because of the luxury and independence they offer, allowing guests to bask in their own style of holidaymaking. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Wales has many charming holiday cottages available all around the year; though early booking can help visitors get the best of its exclusive cottages. Holiday cottages are located in geographically beautiful yet convenient locations that provide ready access to amenities and activities. The location of these cottages makes them the right base to explore tourist attractions, visit the nearby towns or take part in holiday activities.

Types of exclusive cottages in Wales

Exclusive cottages offered in Wales range from small cottages that can accommodate two, to bungalows that can accommodate large families with pets, or groups of friends.  A lot of holidays are ancient sixteenth-century houses that have been refurbished by adding modern facilities and comforts while retaining their original splendor. Cottages vary in size and style, allowing customers to choose from hillside farmhouses, riverside cottages, seaside resorts, beach villas, and so on.

Cottage locations

Holiday cottages in Wales are located amidst a variety of landscapes, seascapes, scenic countryside and peaks. They are renowned for their secluded locations that allow guests to get a real getaway from the hustle and bustle of their routines. Additionally, seasons influence their settings, providing varied panoramic views across their locations. Cottages located in plains or valleys are suitable for golf-lovers and cycling enthusiasts, whereas those located near mountains are suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Lakeside cottages are excellent for fishing, boating and bird watching.

Appealing features of exclusive cottages

Exclusive cottages in Wales are mostly self-catering with modern kitchens, where guests can cook their own meal. Each cottage is set in a separate compound, with a garden, parking and even a swimming pool in some of the most luxurious resorts. Most cottages have all the luxuries required to make a pleasant holiday. In addition to cozy interior decors and furnishings, these cottages are equipped with all the modern gadgets, such as television sets, washing machines, dishwashers, crockery, microwave ovens, DVDs, games, and even WiFi.

Advantages of cottages over other accommodations

Cottages are preferred over hotels and guest houses mainly because they provide the independence and privacy, the much needed aspects for a stress-busting holiday or break. Guests can have their own way with holiday activities, whether it is cooking, eating, sleeping, going out, or enjoying the comfortable company of their families, instead of adapting to communal setups in hotels.

Plenty of online services offer information about exclusive cottages in Wales, offering broad portfolios of available cottages and provide all the relevant details to help consumers choose the most-suited cottage for their vacation.

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