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Australian Opals

Buying Australian opals? Learn more about the different black, boulder or light Australian opals and buy the perfect gemstone…Australian opals are precious gemstones which are natural and valuable. They are derived from the specific opal mines in Australia, which are located in different regions. Each gemstone is coveted for its shine, color and polish and [...]

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Australian Black Opal

Collecting Australian black opals? Learn more about the opulent Australia black opal called fire and light…The splendor of nature is beautifully reflected in the opulence of black opals. With all the colours of the rainbow and the soft glimmer of the distant oceans mixed with fire and lightning streaks, the black opal seems to have [...]

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Australian Opal Bracelets

Are you interested in buying an Australian opal bracelet? Then read our article for facts and information on choosing the best opal…The Australian term for worthless opal is potch because it is a dull, grey, black or white lifeless stone. People often feel that opals are exclusively found in Australia; however, there are other parts [...]

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Australian Opal Jewelry

Are you interested in buying Australian opal jewelry? Then read our informative and factual guide…If you own an authentic piece of Australian opal jewelry; then you probably already know that these pieces are not only beautiful but also extremely fragile. Opals stay vibrant even after a century of being set and made into a piece [...]

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