Australian Opal Jewelry

Are you interested in buying Australian opal jewelry? Then read our informative and factual guide…

If you own an authentic piece of Australian opal jewelry; then you probably already know that these pieces are not only beautiful but also extremely fragile. Opals stay vibrant even after a century of being set and made into a piece of jewelry; but you must learn how to take care of them properly. If you store a piece of Australian opal jewelry in the wrong environment you may risk losing the vibrato colors of the stones rendering them worthless. So here are some tips on how to take care of and clean your Australian opal jewelry.

Ensure that you store your pieces of Australian opal jewelry in an environment that has high humidity. Opal has a high percentage of water in it and this is what gives it the fiery colors, if you leave them in an arid environment they will dry out and lose the stunning shades leaving the stone dull and lifeless. So the best place to store your opal jewelry is in the bathroom. Keep a small jewelry box on the bathroom counter that can hold your jewelry.

It is also important to wear your Australian opal jewelry often if you want to keep them humidified. If you leave the jewelry alone in a safe deposit box or a jewelry case they may lose their lustrous colors, your body emits natural moisture which feeds the opals and keeps them looking their best.

When cleaning you opal jewelry, only use warm water and toothpaste, scrub very gently with the toothbrush and rinse off. The best part about owning Australian opal jewelry is that you don’t have to clean the pieces often. Once in six months should be quite adequate and should keep them looking as good as new.

One of the problems that people face with Australian opal jewelry is the breakage of the stone. You have to understand that unlike a diamond or even a pearl, an opal is a very fragile and delicate stone and any impact can break it. So it is essential to wear your Australian opal jewelry in low impact areas of your body. For instance, it is very common for women to wear their Australian opal ring in their pinky. However, this finger is prone to being bumped and banged on hard surfaces. So move your Australian opal ring to an inside finger to minimize the chance of an impact and subsequent stone breakage. If you own Australian opal jewelry the best place to wear it is in the ears or around the neck.

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