Australian Opal Bracelets

Are you interested in buying an Australian opal bracelet? Then read our article for facts and information on choosing the best opal…

The Australian term for worthless opal is potch because it is a dull, grey, black or white lifeless stone. People often feel that opals are exclusively found in Australia; however, there are other parts of the world that are also known for the opals found there. Two types of opal are found in Australia; the black opal that is found in the Lightning Ride region and the white opal that is found in the Coober Pedy region in Southern Australia.

Opals are found in several countries around the world and a few years ago; an anthropologist found an opal that had been worked on by artisans almost 6000 years ago. So the tradition of using opals to create jewelry and artifacts is at least that old. Even though there are several regions in Africa that have opal deposits these are small and the quality of the opal is not as good as the Australian opals. The opal found in Australia is top of the line and the deposits are huge which means that there is plenty of opals for those magnificent Australian opal bracelets that are so popular.

Many people are dissuaded by the high price tag associated with buying a top of the line Australian opal bracelet; these are made from black or white opals, although the black opal from Australia is considered to be one of the finest gemstones used in jewelry.
However, you don’t always have to break the bank when shopping for an Australian opal bracelet or other jewelry, you can always buy a lower quality opal and have it set into a good setting to get an impressive piece of jewelry at really affordable prices. Even though the lower quality opals that are available at reasonable rates don’t have the stunning colors of the high quality opals, when set well; they do look very impressive.

If not a single opal, you may want to consider buying jewelry made from a doublet or triplet. Even though you will need to take extra care of such jewelry because these Australian opal bracelet  are made from two or three pieces; these bracelets are very bright and flashy and the best part is that you can buy them for less than half the price of a high quality Australian opal bracelet

If you are looking for an Australian opal bracelet; there are several options to choose from; for instance, it is possible to find a potch with bright lines of opal in it and even though this piece will be incredibly cheap, you can use it in pendants to make an impressive piece of opal jewelry without the steep price tag.

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