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German Shepherd Rottweilers

Considering the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix? Learn more about the disadvantages of the German Shepherd Rottweiler breed…The German Shepherd and German Rottweiler are perhaps two of the most well-known dog breeds originating from Germany. While the German Shepherd is an active and large dog with a pleasant disposition, the German Rottweiler is a fierce looking [...]

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German Rottweiler Puppies

Looking for a German Rottweiler puppy? Learn more about the importance of obedience and socialization skills for German Rottweiler puppies early in their life…When looking for German Rottweiler puppies, you must consider the dame and sire that have produced the litter. While the young puppy may look like a very cute and an energetic bundle [...]

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German Rottweiler Breeders

Interested in German Rottweiler breeders? Learn more about choosing the right German Rottweiler breeder to get the purebred dog…When you are purchasing a German Rottweiler puppy it is essential to know the background of the breeder and how they focus on the breeding. A good way to reduce the diversity of the gene pool is [...]

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German Rottweiler Females

Interested in the German female Rottweiler? Learn more about why you should choose the German female Rottweiler over the male…When you’re thinking of getting a German female Rottweiler there are certain basic facts about the breed that you need to know. Many people try to decide what to get when choosing a Rottweiler, predominantly because [...]

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German Rottweiler Breeding Facts

Reading up on Rottweiler breeding facts? Discover more about German Rottweiler breeding facts…German Rottweiler’s suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia. Most of the leading dog breeders recommend that a client only a purchase the puppy that has been certified by the orthopedic foundation for animals in America or the German certification body for Rottweiler’s. The [...]

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German Rottweiler Pups

Looking to train German Rottweiler pups? Learn more about the socialization and obedience skills required in German Rottweiler pups from an early age…When it comes to training German Rottweiler pups you have to start early. This is a very large sized dog and cannot be controlled much after it is grown up. The dog has [...]

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German Rottweiler Names

Looking for German Rottweiler Names? Learn more about finding the right German Rottweiler names for your favorite puppy…When choosing the names for a German Rottweiler you must take into consideration a few factors like its lineage and personality. While the small German puppy may look cute and you name it Buttercup, the name will be [...]

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