German Rottweiler Females

Interested in the German female Rottweiler? Learn more about why you should choose the German female Rottweiler over the male…

When you’re thinking of getting a German female Rottweiler there are certain basic facts about the breed that you need to know. Many people try to decide what to get when choosing a Rottweiler, predominantly because the Rottweiler is a huge dog. While the female is also known to be a good companion and can be trained equally well, the main difference when it comes to the Rottweiler’s unlike that of other breeds is the sheer size of this dog.

Considerations When Choosing a German Female Rottweiler

Choosing the right gender therefore can make all the difference in how you perceive this breed. Not only is the male Rottweiler larger but it also has all the power to act with that big bulky size. You must consider your own stature and physical strength before you decide between the male and female Rottweiler dog.

Furthermore, the gender also changes the personality of the dog. The female has very sharp maternal instincts and they are definitely sweeter and gentler than the male version. This makes them much less boisterous than the male Rottweiler. Conversely the male Rottweiler grows very quickly and is large before even getting the self-awareness. Therefore, they end up being very klutzy. The male Rottweiler becomes the challenge for its owner to handle, especially when the hormones are raging.
Even though the Rottweiler is a very keen dog and you can housebreak it very conveniently, a consideration to take into account with the male dog is that it likes to mark its own territory by lifting its leg and urinating on different areas. Everything in the house is considered the territory of the male Rottweiler. Due to its innate instinct it likes to establish this fact and the target of the dog could possibly include your high quality furniture and curtains.

Rottweiler’s also tend to get into arguments with other dogs; a trait which is more common in the dog rather than the bitches. Even though the female Rottweiler is a large and strong dog, if you must go for this breed it is better to get the female because it is the more manageable of the two. Even though you can get different bitches that are smaller and have a more docile personality, if you’re looking at the Rottweiler breed then a female is the better option.

Of course you can have many variations when it comes to the personality of the female Rottweiler dog, so it’s no guarantee that your pup will grow into a docile canine. The key is to find out what type of personality your puppy has and see if you can actually manage the requirements of care and training for that particular dog.

Issues with the Female Rottweiler

This dog goes into semiannual heat cycles from the age of one year and it’s a good idea to have it spayed. Because these could last for up to 21 days you need to confine the female so that it does not soil the house with the discharge. Otherwise you can get britches to prevent soiling the area where the female Rottweiler lives. She must also be kept away from the dog to prevent pregnancy because the britches do not stop them.

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