German Rottweiler Puppies

Looking for a German Rottweiler puppy? Learn more about the importance of obedience and socialization skills for German Rottweiler puppies early in their life…

When looking for German Rottweiler puppies, you must consider the dame and sire that have produced the litter. While the young puppy may look like a very cute and an energetic bundle of fur, you must know that it will grow into a very large dog.

It is important to have a bigger family in order to manage the dog firmly. This dog requires exceptional amounts of exercise and continuous activity as it grows up. It cannot be caged up or locked in the yard and you cannot leave it unattended outside because it is very hostile to strangers.

If you consider your lifestyle and you think you can manage the large dog with your family in a very firm manner, then you should consider getting a German Rottweiler puppy. Since the natural instinct of the German Rottweiler Puppy is to become the pack leader or to follow a leader and manage order in the ranks, you have to take obedience classes to learn how to assert yourself as the pack leader.

Basic Obedience and Training Lessons

There are some basic exercises and training lessons that you can conduct at home while raising your German Rottweiler puppy. The dog appreciates bonding and before it rolls over and asks for a belly rub you should initiate the belly rub in order to reward him. This also cements your case as the leader of the pack. It is very important to know that the first 12 weeks of the dog’s life shapes most of its adult personality and have to be managed very well. Therefore early socialization cannot be over emphasized.
You need to expose your German Rottweiler puppy to your lifestyle so that it becomes comfortable being with you. In the beginning you need to move around with your German Rottweiler puppy and introduce it to common friends and family members who do not live in the house. It is not a very social animal and becomes very protective and defensive. Therefore, it is a good idea to let the dog know that not all strangers are threats. Sometimes the dog just behaves aggressively because they perceive a threat and feel they need to deal with it.

Training the German Rottweiler to Relieve Itself

Another thing to look into is potty training the dog. Most of the dogs are very clean and do not sleep in the same place that they have relieved themselves. As a puppy you need to designate a certain area for the dog to relieve itself. Initially you can guide it there with a leash. It is recommended to retain the same spot over and over again so that the dog can familiarize itself with the smell and not litter around in any other area of the house or the yard. This is an essential part of obedience training and helps the German Rottweiler pup induct itself very comfortably into a new home.

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