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Plus Size Japanese Kimono Garments

Learn about the traditional Japanese dress known as the kimono and the high esteem in which it is held throughout Japan.The kimono is the trademark attire for the land of the rising sun. In Japanese culture the word simply means clothing. On the global scene however it is a well recognized garment associated with Japanese [...]

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Traditional Japanese Kimono

Find out about the long history behind the traditional Japanese kimono and the important position that it still holds today in Japan.The Kimono is a highly revered traditional dress of ancient Japanese culture. It is a special handmade item that is held in high esteem by the people of Japan and is worn on special [...]

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How to Make a Japanese Kimono

Looking to test your sewing skills by making your own Japanese kimono? Get the right guidelines that can make your job a piece of cake.The traditional Japanese Kimono consists of many different parts such as the obi, haori, dasho and a number of other things. If you are thinking about making your own Japanese kimono, [...]

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Japanese Kimono Handbags

Want an unusual handbag from Japan? Discover the little masterpieces of Japanese art in the form of Japanese kimono handbags.The Japanese kimono has come a long way to becoming the identity forming attire for Japanese culture. The image of the kimono is instantly identified with the land of the rising sun. For the people of [...]

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