Japanese Kimono Handbags

Want an unusual handbag from Japan? Discover the little masterpieces of Japanese art in the form of Japanese kimono handbags.

The Japanese kimono has come a long way to becoming the identity forming attire for Japanese culture. The image of the kimono is instantly identified with the land of the rising sun. For the people of the country the kimono is a highly revered dress that has a special place in Japanese culture.

Although the kimono has been traditionally worn by males and females it is the fairer sex that is known to carry the whole kimono ethos. You will find that the Japanese make use of the kimono to attract tourists to their country.

The kimono comes with a whole set of traditions. This is why not many non-Japanese people would want to try to it out as fashion. Traditionally the Japanese women have been trained to wear the look that accompanies the kimono.

The kimono has its own fashion accessories that compliment the dress. As it is the dress is made up of a number of layers and on top of that you have various other items that are worn or taken with the dress. Amongst the different fashion accessories is the kimono hand bag which is perhaps the most prominent of elements that are part and parcel of the look.

The trend of kimono handbags is something that has its roots as far back in time as the Japanese kimono. Back in the middle ages the elite Japanese women would wear kimonos made out of the finest silks. They would have special hand made hand bags and purses to compliment their fancy kimonos.

The traditional kimono handbags were made from heavily embroidered silk. The patterns on the handbags would often match the patterns and designs of the kimono it self in order to bring about a sense of uniformity. You will still be able to find a collection of rare kimono handbags that are worthy of being collectable items.

Buying a kimono handbag

Some of the kimono handbags like the all time classic Uchikake Kimono handbag can be really expensive. The fact that such a handbag is very difficult to find and that too in pristine condition raises its value. The unique thing about Uchikake kimono handbags is that there are no two Uchikake handbags that have the same design. Hence they are extremely exclusive works of traditional Japanese art.

A kimono handbag is not something that is produced in large quantities. Rather each bag is special and a lot of attention is paid to the details on each bag. The entire bag is hand made including the wooden handle which is cut, lacquered, sanded and branded by hand. Each kimono handbag has its own distinctive character.

Kimono handbags can be great fashion accessories even if you do not wear the kimono. They come in a variety of styles each having something special about it. Carrying a kimono hand bag whether it be a Uchikake version or an Obi handbag is like carrying a piece of traditional Japanese art around with you.

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