Hangzhou City Guide


Hangzhou has become one of the most important cities to visit in China due to its natural wonders and historical spots.

The city is now known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ as its sites are breathtaking and completely out of this world. Hangzhou also contains urban shopping districts, restaurants and evening entertainment; the great range of activities will allow you to enjoy a rich and diverse trip away.

Religious Spots

Lingyin Temple

The Lingyin Temple is an active Buddhist temple situated on the West Lake. This is one of the oldest temples in Hangzhou and has many stone statues carved into its nearby cliffs.

You can then climb many steps in order to reach another temple close by; there is a chairlift for those who could get tired on the walk. From this height, you can also enjoy views across Hangzhou and its abundance of forestry.

Leifeng Pagoda

The Leifeng Pagoda also has a beautiful setting as it sits on the edge of West Lake. The original pagoda was built during 977, and the remains of this ancient building still exist in the Museum on the ground floor of the current Leifeng Pagoda.

The new space was rebuilt in 2000 and is extremely modern; the combination of the contemporary building and the old ruins allows visitors to understand the pagoda’s past and present state. The temple is also popular with tourists because of its views across the city skyline; Hangzhou illuminates with lights as the sun sets over the city.

Natural Sites

Longjing Tea Fields

The Longjing Tea Fields allow tourists to view the traditional process of picking tea. These fields are worth visiting during the harvest season as you can witness the local workers bringing in tea from the fields. You will also have the opportunity to purchase this top quality drink at the stalls and shops nearby.

Dreaming of the Tiger Spring

The Dreaming of the Tiger Spring epitomises traditional Chinese nature and wildlife.

The spring is surrounded by bamboo groves and streams, the wooded pathways mean you can enjoy strolling around these natural spots. There are also historical structures and statues that showcase past cultures and events. Once you have finished you walk, you may wish to stop off at one of the tea houses nearby where the drinks are brewed with the Tiger Spring water.

The best traditional private garden to visit is Guo’s Villa. The juxtaposition between the closed intricate designs and the vast open spaces provide a variety of visual splendours. Like many Chinese gardens, the key feature within this outside space is water. The curved and straight pools and the light and shaded water exemplify how Chinese gardens centre on Ying and Yang.

Shopping Districts

China Silk Town

The China Silk Town on Tiyuchang Road has some exquisitely bright and patterned materials for sale and the Night Market off Yan’an Road sells such items as jewellery, paper fans and silk-screen prints and paintings.

These areas are the perfect place to find souvenirs for yourself and your family. The Bird and Flower Market is a very unusual place to visit. There are displays of pets, plants and dried snake and seahorses; this place is definitely not for the faint hearted!

Image by helicopter from pixabay.com

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