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Japanese Ninja Swords

Looking for a ninja sword from Japan? Read on to find out about the history of Japanese swords.The collection of Japanese swords that has been accumulated over the years has some of the most amazing craftsmanship and artistry behind its production. Known for a history with martial arts as a major part of their culture, [...]

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Antique Japanese Swords

Looking for a vintage sword from Japan? Find out what makes antique Japanese swords so unique and sought after by the world.The Japanese culture is renowned as being one of the most mysterious and intriguing cultures of the world. The island country that existed as a highly introverted society has suddenly unleashed itself to the [...]

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Handmade Japanese Samurai Swords

Looking for a samurai sword from Japan? Find out about the uniqueness of Japanese samurai swords and where you can get your hands on them today.The samurai phenomenon is an important part of Japanese history. This unique warrior class that was formed during the shogun rule of Japan was unlike any other. It was the [...]

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WWII Japanese Swords

Interested in knowing about WWII Japanese swords. Find out as we take a look at the popular Japanese swords used during that time.Digging into the world of Japanese swords one is likely to be overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available out there. Since swords have been a prominent part of Japanese history [...]

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Japanese Military Swords

Find out about the wide range of Japanese military swords and the changes that they have gone through over the years.The sword is considered to be one of the oldest weapons created by man. From hunting to killing mankind has made use of swords for various purposes. Swords have been a prominent part of Japan’s [...]

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Steel Used for Japanese Swords

Want to know what makes Japanese swords the most lethal slicing machines? Find out about the steel used in the Japanese sword that gave it the unparalleled strength that it is renowned for.The country of Japan is renowned for its craftsmanship. The centuries of relics are a testament to the superior hand that the Japanese [...]

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Shirasaya Japanese Swords

Learn about one of the most elegant swords in the Japanese collection known as the Shirasaya Japanese sword.When you take a look at the collection of Japanese swords that has been accumulated over the centuries, elegance seems to be the overriding factor that embraces the entire collection. Japanese sword smiths were no lesser artists than [...]

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Japanese Katana Swords

Get the facts & information on the most popular sword in the history of Japan known as the Japanese katana sword.The Japanese katana sword stands unparalleled in terms of its popularity amongst all other swords that make up the Japanese collection. This particular sword is popularly known as the samurai sword as it belongs to [...]

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