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Turkish Carpet Cleaning instructions

Do your Turkish rugs need cleaning? Do you want to know how to clean your Turkish Carpet? Here we’ve included some useful tips and information on how to clean your Oriental Turkish rugs and carpetsGeneral information on Cleaning Turkish carpets Turkish carpets can improve and increase in value with age and a certain amount of [...]

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Turkish Carpet Repair and Maintenance Guide

Does your Turkish carpet need repairing? Do you want to know how to maintain your Turkish rug to avoid repair? Here we’ve included some common Turkish carpet related problems and tips for repairing them.Repairing Turkish carpet rot Turkish carpets usually suffer from rot when they have been exposed to water and not dried properly. This [...]

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Turkish Rug Information Guide

Interested in buying a Turkish Rug? Want to know the history of your Turkish Rug? The information below is a useful guide to Turkish rugsTurkish carpets and rugs are believed to be the first oriental rugs that were exported to Europe from the Port of Istanbul. Turkish rugs and carpets are different from other orients [...]

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Information on Silk Turkish Carpets and Rugs

Interested in buying a Silk Turkish rug? Want to know how to choose your Silk Turkish carpet? Below is some information on how to appreciate an Antique Turkish Silk carpetTurkish Silk Carpets Some Turkish carpets are made from silk giving an exquisitely fine affect to these rugs. Some of the most famous hand-knotted antique Turkish [...]

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Hand-knotted Turkish carpets and rugs

Want to buy a hand-knotted Turkish carpet? Want to know the difference between hand-knotted Turkish rugs and factory rugs? Our guide to hand-knotted Turkish rugs gives you the information you want.Difference between Hand-knotted and factory Turkish carpets Hand-knotted Turkish and other oriental carpets can be a great investment. If you want to buy a hand-knotted [...]

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Turkish Carpet Types

Want to learn more about Turkish carpet types? Read on to discover the different styles and weaves available in Turkish carpets…Turkey is lauded for its amazing carpet weaving techniques and brilliant designs. It is however only when you go to buy Turkish carpets that you realize how many different types there are. Some of the [...]

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