Afghan Incense

Many young people are finding a new way to get a high lately. It is called Afghan Incense, and it is entirely legal. For more facts and information, read our guide…

Afghan Incense is basically a smoking blend of herbs mixed with hashish oil. It not only looks like hashish, but smells like hashish when burned. It is however, chemically different from hashish incense. It comes as a pasty residue that can readily be mixed with other smoking products. When Afghan incense burns, it gives off no odor, quite unlike hashish.

Effects of Afghan Incense

The effects of Afghan incense take place within about five minutes of smoking it. You normally get a high which gives you a feeling of euphoria and lifts your spirit. The smoker has a sense of complete freedom and being carefree. The relaxing sensation will come in waves, with each wave getting stronger. The duration of the effects depend on your body makeup. Everyone is different. This product will produce stronger effects if blended with hemp.

Care With Afghan Incense

The product has not been thoroughly investigated, chemists that work for the distributing company warn not to mix Afghan incense with alcohol and beer. It is known that the effects are heightened when you use alcohol.

Who Uses Afghan Incense?

Although fairly new on the market, the usage of Afghan Incense has become the rage among young Europeans and Americans. This smoke blend can be blended even further by mixing it with regular tobacco for a slight feeling of hashish use. A high with total relaxation and done legally is guaranteed by Afghan incense, and at an affordable price.

If you want the look of hashish and the effects of hashish but want to stay legal, Afghan hemp is the answer. You can blend it any way you want to, with any smokable herbs that you wish, remain legal and still get the euphoria of hashish. And again, the price is very affordable.

Where to Buy Afghan Incense

If you are fortunate enough to live in a large city, the possibility is good that Afghan Incense will be on sale at stores specializing in smoking materials. In this case, if you are 18 or over, you can simply walk in and make your purchase. There is no need to hide your purpose of being there because Afghan Incense is perfectly legal both to buy and to use.

If you are not fortunate enough to have a specialty smoke shop in your town, you can always purchase Afghan Incense over the World Wide Web. Simply type in a search for Afghan Incense and you will be led to a site specializing in this. Take care that you use an honest site so that you will get your product without being separated from your money.

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