Canadian Geese Lawn Ornaments

Canadian Geese lawn ornaments are a great, unique way to spruce up your yard, but there may be some unwanted problems associated with them too. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of placing Canadian Geese decoys on your property…

Canadian Geese are obviously one of the most recognizable bird species in North America. They have become even more prolific in recent years as they become more wise to hunter’s ploys and become more adapted to urban settings. The problem with more geese filtering into more areas, though (and I’m sure you’ve noticed this), is the increase in goose droppings being left. You can’t hardly walk in a public park or beach without stepping in it.

Placing statues or figures of Canadian Geese in your yard, however, adds a very natural and peaceful look to almost any landscape, without having to deal with the problem of live bird messes. Place your Canadian Geese decoys next to a pond or stream to complete the scene.
Most Canadian Geese statues available today are very lifelike and durable. You can find a variety of brands with geese bent over feeding, resting, or standing and looking up. They have stands for you to place them on land or in the water. Group them together however you like and change yours as often as you like to create more of a sense of realism. You can also find Canadian Geese decoys in a variety of materials, including rubber, metal, ceramic, stone, plastic, and fiberglass.

Disadvantages of Decorative Lawn Geese Statues

As I said, live geese leave messes and so many people try to deter geese from inhabiting their property. One way they do this is by purchasing statues of dead geese or predators, such as a wolf or coyote. When the live geese pass overhead and see the dead geese or the presence of a dangerous animal, they pass by, having been given the impression that it is not safe to land there. The opposite effect is true of geese lawn ornaments. If a passing flock of geese look down and see a peaceful scene of geese statuary, they will take them for live geese and assume that your property is safe for geese to land. The result then, is that you may very well find your property not just a home for geese decoys, but live geese as well. This may not be a problem for you, but do remember that geese have a tendency to leave a mess and even attack people when the feel threatened.

How to Have the Look, but not Attract the Real Deal

If you want to have your geese statues, but not make your property  a home for the real birds, consider treating your lawn with a chemical repellent. Real geese don’t like the smell of it, but your geese decoys won’t care!

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