French Door Panels

Want to buy a French door panel? Do you know how to tell an authentic French door panel from a fake? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The one biggest issue with French doors is also its most elegant point; its glass. Although this glass offers a door that opens up and brings the outdoors in, often this can be a big problem in terms of privacy and direct sunlight. However there is a solution to this problem and it is in the form of a French door panel. This cover folds down whenever needed as it hangs on the French door above the glass panes. It is softer and more personal than stretchy panels or French door screens and is exclusive to French doors.

You have two options when it comes to buying a French door panel, whether to buy a pre-made panel or get one custom made. Pre-made panels are much cheaper and fortunately they are now being made with a very custom look. Once you have had a panel installed, even  then you can make additions to it such as adding frills or bevels. All panels have patterns on both sides and this makes the addition seem finished. These patterns are usually plaid or a picture design of the floral nature. The benefit of custom French panels is that you can select what material and therefore what pattern is used. However there are now many different patterns to choose from in the range of pre-made panels so you should not be too worried.

Installing French Door Panels

If you don’t need the privacy or want to let some light inside, then it is easy and simple to do with the panel quickly folding up and it is securely held in place with fasteners. Most panels come in the two common French door glass sizes 30 x 68-inch and the smaller of 26 x 68-inch panel.  The handy thing about the pre-made French door panels is that they don’t need to be nailed or screwed to the door as they stick to both wood and metal. This means that they can be easily installed and removed if you feel like changing them or just decide against having them permanently at your door. An added benefit of this is it makes them much easier to clean and when the time comes for French door treatment, you can easily remove the screens.

With hundreds of styles of panels out there, you will be sure to find one that both you like and one that suits your home. Also with installation and cleaning as easy as they could be, this is one feature of your house that will have results far past the effort of maintenance.

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