Algerian Love Knot Earrings

Looking for a pair of Algerian love knot earrings? Want to know the significance behind the love knot? Read our guide for more facts & information…

Knots have a mystical significance in many coastal cultures which is thought to be associated with sailors who used them to join pieces of rope to control sails, anchors and to tie mooring lines. Early sailors may have traded the secrets of different knots. They have been used to represent religious symbols and have long been a symbol of love. In the 17th century, sailors carried knots to remind them of their loved ones on long voyages.  The Algerian love knot earring design is a classic representation of the love knot.

Algerian Jewelry

Algerian jewelry makers have always been renowned for their skills in silver and gold design. Many of their designs have intricate geometric  or leaf and vine patterns engraved into the metal. Algerian love knots are created from circles of wire or metal tubes. At least three or four circles are pressed together to form the knot which is usually square or rectangular in shape with rounded corners. It differs from the Celtic love knot which uses three rings which are pointed in the corners of the knot to form a triangle. Most Europeans and Americans are more familiar with the Celtic love knot.

Earrings to Match Love Knot Necklaces

The Algerian love knot gained recognition in the Western world when actress Eva Green wore a necklace designed by Sophie Harley in the movie Casino Royale. The graceful and classic Algerian love knot necklace created an instant demand. Many jewelers designed Algerian love knot earrings to match the necklaces and they soon were in as much demand as the necklace. The beautiful engraving with the classic shape and style of the love knot make the jewelry a very wearable accessory.

Authentic Algerian Love Knot Earrings

Unfortunately most of the jewelry offered as Algerian love knot earrings and necklaces are not made by Algerian artisans. They are mass produced in a number of other countries in precious and non-precious metals and offered for sale at both off and online retailers. Most authentic Algerian jewelry is handmade from 18 carat gold or sterling silver and it may not be possible to find it for sale outside of Algeria.

While the Algerian love knot earrings and necklaces featured for sale in Western countries are most likely not made in Algeria, the movie necklace brought the craftsmanship of Algerian jewelers to the attention of the world. Those who do not plan to visit Algeria in the near future may be able to find an outlet where real Algerian jewelry is available.

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