Algerian Patience Solataire

Algerian Patience Solataire is an interesting but difficult variation of the popular card game known as patience in the U.K. and solataire in the USA. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Algerian solataire is played by one person with two decks of cards and begins with eight columns. Four columns of four suits are built up from the aces while the other four columns are built down from the kings. The top card of each column is available for play, and each card can only move one column at a time.

Laying Out the Columns and Dealing

The game begins by laying out an ace and a king of each of the four suits to create eight columns. Two cards are dealt to each column and then the player moves the playable cards. A two of clubs can be moved to the ace of clubs and the queen of hearts can be moved to the king of hearts. Blanks left by played cards can be filled in with cards as they are dealt. Cards are dealt to each column two at a time until there are only 8 cards left and then one card is dealt to each column.

Algerian Patience Solataire Online

Although solataire is a game for one, plalying alone at home can be less interesting than playing on one of the many online game sites that offer solatiare games. Many are free to play, although some do charge for play. On sites that charge for play there are usually cash prizes for winners. Free sites usually operate on a points system with players who accumulate enough points winning a prize, often a gift card to one of the site’s sponsors stores. Since Algerian solataire is a difficult game, those playing online are well advised to practice on free sites before trying to win cash prizes.

Downloaded Games

Some game sites offer free memberships with downloadable versions of Algerian solataire, but be careful because free membership doesn’t necessarily mean the game download is free. Often these sites charge a fee for game downloads and unlike many of the online sites, there are no prizes for game winners. For aficionados of Algerian patience, it may be convenient to have the game on their PC or mobile phone for entertainment or even for practice, but for prizes and rewards it is better to play on a free game site.

Algerian solataire can be a fun and stimulating way to spend free time and for some it may even be profitable. There are dozens of game sites that offer this popular game or those interested in learning the game can just buy two packs of cards and clear some room on the table. Good Luck!

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