German Battlefield Helmets

Interested in the German battlefield helmet? Learn more about the battlefield helmets from Germany used during World War I and World War II…

There are many different relics which have been found in the recent years pertaining to the German battlefields. Some of these relics include helmets which have been acquired from different sources. These may be trenches, battlefronts or the graves of soldiers buried during combat. Although the grave robbing is not publicly acknowledged by the sellers of German relic helmets, many graves have been discovered after being desecrated and robbed for the relics from the World War I and World War II.

Condition of the Recovered War Helmets

The battlefield helmet is often found with the ravages of war. Yet some percentage of the original decals and paint  remains on the surface of the helmet. Most of these are basic turtle shell styles that have camouflaged designs and dull green or grayish color paint. They come with the chin strap for adjustment and have a liner inside to ensure comfort during use. Since the battlefields had uncomfortable conditions it was considered a good idea to have a liner on the inner side of the helmet to ensure comfort for the soldiers.

Where To Purchase German Battlefield Helmets

Interestingly enough German battlefield helmets are exceptionally popular and can be purchased today at different gun and military shows. There are also military auctions organized online by fans of World War I and World War II military equipment. It is possible to get directly in touch with the seller. It’s an exceptionally competitive market. The collector required to choose an independent seller and select the product. Additionally, the bidding also is conducted on an open platform so there are many buyers in the bidding for the same item. You simply need to search the site and find the product that you enjoyed and want as part of the collection. There are approximately 5 to 10 relic helmets available online at any given point.

Caution When Purchasing German Battlefield Helmet

However, when choosing a German battlefield helmet for your collection you must ensure that it is not a fake. There were many fake helmets being touted around as the original decals and the insignia laden helmets. However, the original and mint condition helmets are in shortage but high in demand. This has led to an increased leaning towards the purchase of German battlefield relic helmets.

Although one might wonder what sense it makes to purchase the rusted helmet which has been ravaged with time, there is still a lot of emphasis on collecting these relics. It is a good idea to check what condition of decay it is in because most of them have been dug up from the ground. If they are very rusted and corroded then they will not last for a long time because the moisture and humidity in the air will speed up the decay.

It is a shame to have spent hundreds of dollars on German battlefield helmets and then end up with something that crumbles before your very eyes. So make sure you are ready to invest in its restoration. Storing it in an air tight plastic bag rather than having it on display can help preserve your helmet.

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