Batna Algeria Attractions

Batna is the capital of Batna Province in Algeria. With just under 300,000 people, it is the fifth largest city in Algeria. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Batna was founded in 1844 by the French Foreign Legion as an army encampment. Batna’s location offers a natural pass through the Atlas Mountains, a fact unknown to the early Romans who settled and built fortresses nearby.


In truth, the main tourist attractions of this region revolve around the ruins of the early Roman fortresses. These were at Timgad and Lambaesis. Both were ancient Roman cities, built around 100CE. They were built under the rule of the Emperor Trajan at almost the zenith of Roman power. The presence of these cities shows just how far-reaching the effects of Roman rule really were. Timgad and Lambaesis both had an important role in the control of commerce in those early times. Although they are in ruins, you can see how a Roman city was laid out. Despite some vandalism both ruins are quite fascinating and a treat for the eyes.


You should pack your bags depending on the time of year that you will be visiting. It is extremely hot during the summer months and just as cold in the winter months. The lowest temperature on record in Algeria, -20 degrees F, was recorded in 1945.

Batna Entertainment

Many entertainment resorts are spread across the town. For sports activities the most important destinations are the 1st November Stadium (Stade du premier Novembre), and Seffouhi Stadium, which is used mainly for soccer clubs and festivals, in addition to the Scholar Stadium. For cultural activities there is a municipal Cultural House, which is located behind the Prefecture and covers many cultural and educational activities. There is also an Islamic Cultural Center in the heart of the city and the Youth House in Cite Ennaser. For children, an attraction park is located in Kechida, which is approximately a ten minute drive from the downtown area.

Nightlife and Dining

Due to religious and cultural limitations, there are almost no night clubs in the city. However, a warm atmosphere for a perfect night life is concentrated in the heart of the city, around Les allées Benboulaïd especially during summer break. There are plenty of cafes, traditional restaurants, pizzerias, French and oriental bakeries. There are a few luxury restaurants if you desire to dine in style. Many festivities take place in allées Ben Boulaïd area, mainly in the season of the International Timgad Festival. This is usually held between July 4 and 15 of every year.

Internet cafes which are popular with the teenagers and young people also abound and the fees are very reasonable. Altogether, a trip to the province and city of Batna will be enjoyable and educational for your entire family.

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