Gold Trim Italian Charm

Short of ideas to give someone special a special gift? Italian gold trim charms may be your ideal choice!!!!! The Italian Charm fever has hit the world and by the look of it, it is here to stay for a long, long time.

Italian charms are designed and manufactured mainly in Italy, but after seeing their recent huge demand and success, many companies all around the world have now started manufacturing them.

Charms as Ornaments

Usually, charms are used in jewellery for ornamental purposes. Charms hanging around necks with chains, as bracelets and even being pinned on shirts. But Italian Charms are different from these usual ones. They are manufactured as flat links which can be joined with other links and ornaments. It is because of this quality, they can be used for styling up your cell phones by decorating cell phone straps with Italian charms, wine glasses and even napkin holders. Various key chains adorned with Italian charms can be found. But mostly, they are used for the Italian charm bracelets. Since these are flat stretchable pieces, they can join to form a bracelet quite comfortably.

Qualities of Italian Charms

What makes Italian charms so different from other typical charms? There are some qualities that make these charms stand out amongst others.

• They are built in flat links.
• They can be joined with other links to form bracelets and other ornaments.
• They increase the safety of the ornaments’ links because of their secure links.
• They can be worn with any kind of clothes, be it casual or sporty and can be worn to school as well.
• They express your opinions and feelings. You can choose from a large variety of charms that display words or pictures to express yourself. If you take pride in your country, family, your team and even a relationship, you can proudly wear it around your wrist to show the world.

Care and Cleaning

A little care and cleaning on your part will help you using your charm for a long time.Avoid wearing them if you are exercising. It is because the sweat and body heat can damage its shine. Exposure to extreme sunlight should be avoided for the same purposes.Cleaning regularly with a soft cloth is advised. Proper storage is also advised. Wrapping it individually or separate from other ornaments is recommended to avoid scratches and chips.

Styles of Italian Charms

There are various styles of Italian Charms. These include: Hand painted charms, photo Italian charms, laser Italian charms, but the most loved ones are the gold trim Italian charms.

Italian Gold Trim Charms

Italian Charms usually have a stainless steel or silver base, sometimes gold plated as well, with 18 carat gold trimming along the edge. The face of the charm has unlimited variations. I love you, best daughter/son/father/ mother, wife # 1, hearts, teams’ names and the list is simply endless.

Prices & Cost

Prices of these beautiful Italian charms are nothing to fret about. Beginning from a mere $1.99, they are easily affordable. There are more costly ones as well having precious and semi precious stones. After all, some people are worth more expensive gifts.

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