Constantine Algeria Attractions

Constantine, Algeria is located about 80 miles from the Mediterranean coast on the banks of the Rhumel River. To learn more about sightseeing and tourist attraction read our guide for more facts & information…

Constantine  has a population of about 750,000 and it is the third largest city in the country. An ancient city, Constantine was founded by the Phoenicians and later taken over by the Berbers. It served as a base for two prominent Roman Generals and later fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Much of Algeria, including Constantine, was colonized by the French and the French influence is apparent even today.

Dramatic Location

Constantine, Algeria is an attraction simply by its location.  Atop a plateau surrounded by a deep ravine it rises from the surrounding land to a height of 2100 feet above sea level. There are 4 bridges which span the ravine allowing access to and from the city. It is the center of both industry and agriculture for the area and its ancient roots are evident in the architecture and ancient ruins throughout the city. A center of trade since before 100 B.C., the city remains a prosperous trading center.

The Casbah

The word casbah is taken from the Hebrew word for marketplace, but in North Africa it may mean a palace, a walled in section of a city, or ancient area of the city inhabited primarily by people of modest means. The casbah in Constantine, while lacking the romantic cache of the one in Algiers, is in a much better state of preservation. Here it is possible to view ancient buildings in various styles of architecture and to find exotic treasures in marketplaces. The Constantine casbah is a must see for tourists to the area.

Museums and Places of Interest

The Gustave Mercier Museum of art is one Constantine, Algeria attraction that should not be missed. A repository for both ancient and modern art, it is a cultural gem.  The Palace of Ahmed Bey is currently closed and undergoing restoration, but will be opened as a national museum when restoration has been completed. It is an example of the best that Ottoman architecture had to offer. Massinissa’s Mausoleum and Soumma’s Mausoleum are great attractions for ancient history buffs and they should include a visit to the ruins of the Antonian Roman aqueduct. For sports fans there is the Ben Adelmaiek Football  Stadium.

Constantine, Algeria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Africa. The Algerian government is stable and encourages Europeans and Americans to visit and experience the wonders of the Middle East. Algeria has an incredible history and played an important role in both ancient and modern wars. A wonderful climate, friendly people and new experiences await travellers who visit Constantine, Algeria attractions.

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