Crate and Barrel China Cabinets

A Crate & Barrel china cabinet will make a tasteful addition to any interior. For more information on selecting the right cabinet to store your formal diing table set read on…

Crate and Barrel is a chain of American retail stores that began as a single store in 1962. The owners, Gordon and Carol Segal had spent their honeymoon in Europe and were impressed with the beauty and function of European household items. They made agreements with many small European manufacturers and even today most of their items are imported from Europe although they also feature some glassware and pottery from Mexico, Thailand and India.

Contemporary Cabinets

Many of the items featured in Crate and Barrel have a modern, contemporary flair, and their furniture pieces like china cabinets tend to be a blend of European traditional with updated styling. They feature several different types of china cabinets in different sizes, but most tend to be display cabinets with glass fronts and sides and no hidden storage areas. While this works well for those with lots of china and glassware to display, it may not be ideal for everyone.

Crate and Barrel china cabinets are made primarily of dark wood and their Orion Walnut sideboard can be paired with their Cabria hutch to create a more traditional china cabinet configuration. Both pieces feature contemporary styling. The hutch retails for about $600 while the sideboard retails for $1600, so this traditional style china cabinet would cost about $2200. Since the pieces can be purchased separately, buyers may choose a different sideboard at another retailer as long as it is the correct size and finish for the hutch.

Crate and Barrel China Cabinets

One of the great things about shopping for a china cabinet at Crate and Barrel is the great dishware and glassware they carry to display in this type of furniture. Sales representatives can help buyers choose the perfect china cabinet and the perfect items to fill the cabinet. The full glass cabinets are also great for displaying books and knickknacks in rooms other than the dining room or kitchen.

In addition to china cabinets, Crate and Barrel has a large selection of both open and closed storage solutions. If a china cabinet isn’t practical for a space, sometimes a shelving unit or room divider with shelves or modules can supply fashionable storage and display areas. In lofts and small apartments, a room divider is often an excellent alternative to a traditional china cabinet.

Crate and Barrel offers high style for reasonable prices which is one reason it has become such a successful business. Consumers that are looking for great furniture, including china cabinets, should visit a nearby store or check out the Crate and Barrel website.

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