Skikda Algeria Attractions

Skikda is one Algerian city you must see if visiting Algeria. It is located in the northeast corner of the country on the Mediterranean Sea. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Skikda’s origins go back to prehistory, when people lived in the area due to its proximity to an oasis. The Phoenicians later built a trading centre there as it has a fine natural harbour. The Romans took it over and named the city Rusicade which in Punic means Promontory of Fire. It grew to be a large city under the Romans. Vandals over ran it and destroyed the city in the 5th century CE.

Although people continued to live in the area, there was not another city here until 1838 when the French built the town back and called it Phillipville. Although there was a great amount of damage to the city during the war of independence against the French, it has been restored and was renamed Skikda in 1962.


One of the main tourist attractions in Skikda is the architecture. Here you can find fine examples of the old style Moorish buildings. Tourists are amazed at the simplicity yet beauty of the Moorish building style. Castle like structures, statues and the industrial sectors are drawing cards for tourists. Skikda is an ancient town, but all the modern frills are also to be found here.


Another major attraction in Skikda is the beaches. Some of the finest beaches to be found along the Mediterranean Sea can be found in Skikda. The weather runs from cool and wet during the winter to hot and dry during the summer. The best time to visit Skikda is at the beginning or end of these two seasons, as there really is no fall or spring here.
One of the reasons the beaches are so popular is the cleanliness of the area. The beaches abut the urbanized area of Skikda, but the beaches themselves are kept in pristine conditions. They are perfect areas for the family vacation.


You will want to visit the seaport area and watch the comings and goings of the area. Skikda is the third largest seaport in Algeria, behind Algiers and Oran. It is also a centre for the fishing industry of Algeria.

There is a great amount of industrial activity in the area. Sonatrach, an oil and gas company owned by the government has a large terminal in Skikda.


Being a large city, accommodations abound in Skikda. There are numerous hotels and restaurants. The nightlife consists mainly of dining and sightseeing. Never the less, you are guaranteed to have a good time when visiting Skikda, especially if it is for a family vacation.

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