Argentina Escorted Tours

With many tourist attractions, Argentina is a great place for escorted tours. Would you like to find out a few of the places that make Argentina a great place for escorted vacations? Read our guide for more facts & information…

Tip About Escorted Tours

When going on a guided tour, be sure to plan accurately, and make sure you bring everything you need. There should be much emphasis on planning because you will be in a group, with a planned route, destination and times as opposed to touring alone, which allows more flexibility.  Having said that, you can now relax, Argentina has many great places, so enjoy!

Urban Areas

Argentina’s tourist attractions include some natural sites and resorts in urban areas that offer spectacular features. One of those places is Buenos Aires. The capital city, Buenos Aires is the most important tourist hub in Argentina. The metro area’s population is 12 million, and is located in the northern part of the country. Weather is much warmer there, compared to the cooler southern part of the country.

One advantage of an escorted tour is that your hotel booking is already taken care of. Now you can relax in Buenos Aires’ many luxury hotels such as the Algodon Mansion, Legado Mitico, Palacio Duhau etc. They have amenities like spas and fitness centers.

Buenos Aires has Museums which display an array of artworks, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, National Historical Museum and Museum of Latin American arts and more.

Another likely stop would be the zoo. Buenos Aires Zoo contains wildlife, and many species of plants.

You might also get a taste of some Argentine cuisine at the many 5 star restaurants. There are many similarities between Argentine cuisine and European cuisine because of influence from the early European settlers.

Mar Del Plata is also another tourism hub in Argentina, a city notable for its sandy beaches.  The city has many luxury hotels and some interesting museums. The city is alive and vibrant at night with its many nightclubs.

Ushuaia is another tourist center. Located way down south, Ushuaia is sometimes called the “Southernmost city in the world.” The weather is cold and snow-capped mountains loom over the city, this has made Ushuia a skiing resort, and a place great for hiking. The city also has wildlife, you can spot seals on rocks by the shoreline. You can also find penguin colonies.
One of the things you probably want to do while you’re in Argentina is dance “tango.” The famous dance has its roots in Argentina and Uruguay, and a ballroom could likely be on your tour guides list of stops.

Natural Tourist Attractions

Argentina has many natural sites to visit on an escorted tour. The Iguazu falls, located at the border of Argentina is an amazing sight to see. The water from the rapid falling cataracts plunge into the Iguazu River, which is surrounded by thick forest.

Aconcagua is one of the highest mountains in the world, and is frequently climbed because of its easy route that does not require much sophisticated hiking equipment. Even if it’s not hiking, a quick peak at the giant peak might do!

Away from the thick forests of the Iguazu Falls of the warmer north, Patagonia is colder. As you can tell by the name the Glaciers National Park in Santa Cruz province is home of the glaciers. The blue-ish coloured ice formations form like mini plateaus and stretch over a long distance. Another stunning feature is the way some glaciers form in the middle of water bodies like a dam. These glaciers are surrounded by forested mountains that are capped with snow.

Quebrada de Humahuaca is another natural tourist attraction to visit. This is located in the northern region of Argentina and has a dryer and warmer climate than the cold southern region. In Quebrada de Humahuaca you won’t find snow capped mountains or glaciers, instead you’ll find massive plateaus and valleys overlooking desert-like landscape, bare of vegetation except mostly cactus and sparse grass. The scenery is great and almost looks like something from an old Western cowboy film.

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