Argentina Internal Flights

Looking for information on Argentina Internal Flights? There are a few carriers offering domestic flights in Argentina. Read our guide for more facts…

Most internal flights in the country are through Aerolineas Argentina and Americans and Europeans might be frustrated by the experience of booking a flight. Most online booking services do not include flights that originate outside the country they service. Tourists from America or Europe will not find Aerolineas Argentina on their usual booking websites. The sites that do have Aerolineas Argentina on their website usually quote prices considerably higher than the website of the airline.

Booking an Internal Flight Online

Booking through the website of Aerolineas Argentina has its own annoyances. It is not possible to pay for an airline ticket online. They simply do not offer the service. Instead those who book a reservation on the internet are advised to call the airline during business hours to make payment. Reaching an actual person at the airline takes a certain amount (a lot) of patience since the automated phone service tends to disconnect callers. When a traveler finally does reach a human voice, it is best not to complain, since customer service seems to be a foreign concept to the airlines representatives.

Flight Delays

It is not unusual for Aerolineas Argentina to experience delays which may be due to weather or other factors.  Visitors should plan for flight delays of up to two hours. Americans should not have a problem dealing with delays since they are not uncommon on American domestic flights. Most Aerolineas Argentina flights are direct, which is one improvement over American domestic airlines that believe that the shortest distance between two points is a triangle.


Internal flights in Argentina are available From Buenos Aires to Cordoba, Mendoza, Salta, Iguazu, El Calafate, Bariloche and Ushuala. Other destinations include Rio Grande, Comodoro Rivadavia, Esquel, Santa Rosa, Mar del Plata, Chapelco, Trelew and Neuquen. Flights to and from Ezeiza are also available. Aerolineas Argentina also offers international flights to most major airports.

Other Options for Internal Flights

Charter services which offer internal flights are also available as are helicopter charters. Only destinations with commercial airports are listed here. Charter services usually have smaller planes which can land at small private airports closer to the desired destination, especially if a traveler is planning a visit to a rural area.

While dealing with the vagaries of Aerolineas Argentina might be frustrating to foreigners who are accustomed to a higher level of customer service, they provide excellent air service to most of this large country.

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