Colombian Zebra Ujena Bikini

Colombian Zebra Ujena Bikini is basically a triangle bikini with wild stripes and tie-up strings to form a perfect fit. Read our guide for more facts and information…

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit, which is a common sight in beaches; and it ranges from full coverage designs to minimal coverage styles. The term ‘bikini’ comes from the name ‘Bikini Atoll’, a place in the Pacific Ocean, known for its several nuclear explosion tests. The name is said to imply that it creates the sensation of a bomb blast! Though traditional bikinis depict functional designs with full coverage, over the years skimpy styles have become prevalent.

Overview of the Colombian Zebra Ujena Bikini

It consists of a triangle top, which ties on the back and slides towards the front to allow a correct fit. The stringed bottom piece is also designed to shape the backside perfectly. It is available in several sizes namely, XS, S, M, LL, L and 1X. The top and bottom may be purchased in different sizes to match the wearer’s body shape. Tailor-made in California, Ujena is known for quality, and is made from matte nylon Lycra fabric.

Features of Zebra Ujena Bikini

The features of the top piece include adjustable sliding triangles, removable padding and strings. With back tie-up or neck-tie up strings, it is completely lined.  The features of the bottom piece include a sliding tie-string, scrunch back and scooped front; it allows complete rear coverage and is also completely lined. The bold black-and-white stripes of the matte nylon Lycra fabric form a characteristic feature.

These zebra-striped Colombian Ujena bikinis are available in several online stores, and customers can inquire about the available sizes, and also use the images and specifications to get the correct size.

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The origin of bikinis

Though the one-piece swimsuit called ‘Atome’ was called the world’s smallest swimwear, the bikini set a new trend as a two-piece swimwear. It made its debut in the 1940s in France, and movies have played a major role in inspiring the public to use them as beachwear. The top and bottom come in a myriad of designs with rings, bows or tie-ups for details. Bikini pants come in high-cut designs, hipster designs, skirted designs and so on.

Their types are defined by the extent of coverage they offer, and the three basic types are triangle bikinis, halter neck bikinis, and Bandeau-style bikinis. Triangular bikinis are common and are suitable for small-built women, with the top comprising triangular pieces of fabric connected by strings. Halter-necks have wider straps and are suitable for big-built women, while the Bandeau style consists of a single band-like piece for the top. Monokinis and tankinis are recent evolutions.

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