Argentine Bus Companies: Routes and Lines

The most popular mode of transportation, both local and long distance is the bus. As a result, there are numerous bus companies, routes and lines in Argentina. Read our guide for more information and facts…

Argentine Buses

When you think of traveling by bus, a feeling of dread probably comes over you. An Argentine bus tour will give you a different feeling. You can travel in comfort, even luxury for long distances without getting travel weary.

Indeed, buses offer the best parts of flying and rail transportation at much cheaper prices. You may rent a full cama (bed) or half cama and travel in comfort. You may even rent an executive cama which is the fanciest and most comfortable form of first class travel. For trips of long duration, you can look forward to meals, which may not be as good in luxury hotels, but will beat airline food. Drinks are also served.

The best seats are usually the front four in the top of the bus. Here your cama will have a full panoramic view of the Argentine countryside. When you are ready to sleep, just pull the window curtains and you can wake up fully refreshed. After one trip on an Argentine bus, you will not want to travel any other way.

Bus Lines

There are literally hundreds of long distance bus companies, so shopping for prices may be beneficial. A few of the bigger and best companies to keep in mind are Andesmar, Chevallier, El Rapido International and Via Bariloche. There are so many companies that it is very easy to find a bus going anywhere you wish to go.

You can easily book your tickets online for any company having a web presence. Sometimes if you are already in country, it is easier to drop by the bus terminal and inquire about destinations, departure times, class available and prices. If you are going to a high demand area or a remote area it is sometimes advisable to book your tickets several days in advance. Also remember prices will vary with the season.


There are five comfort classes, and these are regulated by Argentine law. The general characteristics are regulated so that no matter what line you have chosen, you can get a comparable value. For example, minimum requirements for the dimension of seats and the angle of recline are governed by law. Even so, there may exist variations in the comfort of seats and the services offered, so be sure of what you are getting when you book your trip.

If you choose your bus line and your seat package carefully, you will never look at a bus ride as an experience to be avoided again. You will have all the creature comfort available and not have to drive to boot.

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