Bariloche Argentina Skiing

San Carlos de la Bariloche, better known to skiers simply as Bariloche, is one of the foremost skiing areas in the Andean Mountains of Argentina. Bariloche itself is an alpine style town. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Catedral Alto Patagonia Resort

Only 12 miles from Bariloche is Catedral Alto Patagonia, a ski resort which is connected to the town by a shuttle that runs every 30 minutes. This makes it possible for skiers and snowboarders to stay in Bariloche itself or in the Bavarian style village at the base of the mountain. Bariloche has a resort town atmosphere with hotels, restaurants and night life. The Bavarian village offers the feel of a mountain town with its hotels, shops and restaurants. The bottom half of the mountain offers 53 trails suitable to skiers of all skills. The upper part is dedicated to high Alpine skiing.

Cerro Catedral Ski Resort

The name of this resort means Mount Cathedral in Spanish. The name comes from the peaks which resemble the spires of a cathedral. Cerro Catedral opens its doors with the first fall of snow. This is one of the most complete ski resorts in the country of Argentina, and improvements are always in the works to give the skier the best in winter recreation. From June 18 to October 10, snow is always guaranteed, so you have a sure fire bet on real winter fun.

Bariloche Accommodations

Accommodations are numerous and varied. In Bariloche, you have your choice of hotels with 1 star rating up to 5 star ratings, so you may choose the degree of luxury and price to suit you. There are also guest apartments and cabins available. In the Bavarian village you may choose to stay at the ski lodge. You can also choose restaurants, cinema or game rooms along with night clubs for your dining and entertainment pleasure.

This is entirely a family oriented resort. There is a ski training school with over 150 instructors to train the novice to the expert in all ski disciplines. There is also a school and childcare center for children from 45 days up to 14 years old.

Cerro Catedral has been the site of many important international skiing events, competitions and snow festivals for years. There is even a downhill torch parade which yearly gains more and more fans.

For the avid skier who is looking for a truly memorable experience, San Carlos de la Bariloche is the place to be. It is very accessible, and due to the wide range of ski packages available, it is affordable. Reservations may be booked online or with your travel agent. The beauty and pleasure of the Andes and Bariloche awaits you.

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