The 3 Most Popular Ski Destinations in the USA

In the USA, there is a wide array of options to choose from when choosing a place to go skiing.   In many locations around the country, skiers can find a variety of ski destinations and resorts within driving distance from their homes.  Still there are large areas of the country that offer few options for a skiing day trip.  Regardless of your location, the best ski destinations are worth the travel time.  Every year a massive number of skiers drive or fly to the top ski destinations and resorts, both for the quality of the snow and the ski runs.  However, as travelling with skis can be a major burden, for your next ski vacation you should consider a ski shipping service.  Having your skis shipped in advanced is both easy and painless, as a good service will pick up your skis and send them on ahead so that you will find them waiting for you at your travel destination.

When deciding on where to go for your next ski trip, it’s a good idea to get some information on the various options that are out there.  Below is a list of some of the most popular ski destinations in the USA going by data from 2013 and projected data for 2014.  Further information on each resort and location can be found here.

1. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

Within the last 20 years, Jackson Hole went from being a small mountain resort to a top skiing spot, frequented by ski enthusiasts from around the world.  One of the most important aspects of this transformation has to do with its incredible vertical continuity, massive snowfalls, and its true skiing fall lines going in all directions.  However, it wasn’t until 1997 that they installed their giant gondola, comfortably and efficiently moving people up the 2,784 vertical feet to the top.  To help add to the natural attractions of the ski resort, in 2004 a grand Four Seasons hotel was opened and, in 2008, perhaps the most technically advanced and attractive ski lift in North America was installed.  To top it off, Jackson Hole now has one of the best air services of any ski destination in America.

2. Snowbird, Utah

In a close second is a ski destination that is known for its 3,200 foot mountain and 500 inches of snowfall.  In fact, the snowfall is so frequent that powder days are found there almost twice a week with powder that is sometimes deeper than 5 inches.  The incredible snowfall, unrelenting vertical, top notch ski lifts, and gorgeous terrain are just some of the reasons that Snowbird has become such a popular destination for skiers worldwide.  If you’re goal is to ski in the best spots in the U.S., make sure that Snowbird is high on your list.

3. Alta, Utah

Although Alta doesn’t compare to Snowbird in regards to continuous vertical and overall beauty, the fact that it holds ZRankings top snow score and that its lift tickets are only $79 on high traffic days may explain its lasting popularity.   Alta is also known for a smaller crowd of snowboarders which, for some ski enthusiasts, is enough to make it a favorite stop.


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