Best Argentina Ski Resorts

The Andes Mountains run all along Argentina from north to south. Along the way you will find some of the best ski resorts not only in Argentina, but in the world. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Northern Argentina Resorts

The first stop along the northern route is Penitentes Ski Resort. This resort was started in 1979, and is only 180 km from the city of Mendoza and is very near the Chilean border. Here you will find over 20 trails and the degree of difficulty on the different trails will match the talent of anyone from beginners to professionals.

Accommodations range from fairly inexpensive hostels to four star hotels. All of these are located at the base of the mountain, so you may ski or rest at anytime desired.

Next stop on the ski tour is Las Lenas. This is the highest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere. It is located only a few km from Mendoza and about 1200 km from Buenos Aires. It also has trails for beginners and trails that challenge the expert. This resort, noted for its fine powdery snow, is accessible by car, bus or airplane. Accommodation price ranges are varied.

Central Argentina

Caviahue Ski Resort lies a little further south. It is about 350 km from Newquen and 1500 km from Buenos Aires. It is at the base of Lake Copahue and is one of the most stunning sites in the Andean Mountains. There are some 20 trails winding around conifer forests. There also are hot springs in the area in which you may soak tired muscles and get ready for another round of skiing. Accommodations include varied priced lodging and restaurants.

Cerro Bayo, one of the most exclusive ski resorts in the Argentinean Patagonia was founded in 1978. It is actually a part of Villa La Angostura, a quaint mountain village. There are over 20 trails, some for beginners and others designed for experts. Lodging and restaurants are available in the area, with ski equipment rentals also available.

Just 20 miles from the city of Bariloche you will find Cerro Catedral, Spanish for Mount Cathedral. This ski resort got its name from peaks that remind one of steeples of a cathedral. Over 20 trails are open and are designed for snowboarders and skiers of all levels. Accommodations include 4, 3 or 2 star hotels at the base of the mountain, or you may stay in Bariloche.

Southern Argentina

The southernmost ski resort in the country is the Cerro Castor Resort only 26 km from the city of Ushuaia. Here you will find 26 trails ideal for skiing and snow boarding. You will have one of the longest skiing seasons in the country at Cerro Castor. In the city of Ushuaia you will be able to pick from one star up to five star hotels, and experience fine dining to the most informal of restaurants.

There are many more ski resorts in Argentina, but these are among the best. Take your pick and you may book online or with a travel agent of your choice.

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