Calabria Italy Piminoro

Want to visit Calabria Italy Piminoro? You can enjoy a wonderful trip to the Italian region of Calabria which has amazing sights and ancient relics to discover…

The Region Calabria in Italy is a natural wonderland with its backdrop of hinterland mountains and miles of breathtaking coastline. It has the towering Pollino mountain range in its North and the forested plateau of Sila in the center, which is bordered by the Serre and Aspromonte Mountain chains in the South. With the mountains located in close proximity to the sea, the rivers have very short lengths and are called fiumare in Italy because they are dried out for most of the year.

This region has seen a lot of emigration, with the population moving out due to lack of good inhabitable land, which could be utilized for settlement and agriculture. Most of the population in the provinces of Calabria is actually concentrated in the area of the plains, which borders the coastline.

You can see very little agricultural activity and almost negligent industrial developments in this region because of the uneven terrain that does not help. However, this region has seen a large interest in tourist population over the years due to its beautiful coastline and that has led to certain developments in terms of infrastructure to facilitate the many tourists and base its economy on tourism.

Calabria Italy – Village of Piminoro

When it comes to the different villages of Calabria, one such well-known village is Piminoro, which tourists like to frequent. Calabria Italy Pininoro is part of the municipality that is governed by Oppido Mamertina in the main province of the Calabria Region. It is actually only 3.65 km away from the main town of Oppido Mamertina, with which it is associated. The other villages associated with the municipality include Quarantano, Messignadi, Castellace, Zurgonadio and Tresilico. This popular town in Calabria Italy, called Piminoro is approximately 719 m above sea level and there are only 158 inhabitants in this town!

Accommodation in Calabria Italy Piminoro

There are many sites, resorts and beautiful hotels close to the village of Piminoro, which are fully equipped to facilitate tourists. You can find a hotel to suit your budget, read customer reviews on the facilities, check out which ones are popular with families, young couples and mature couples and choose what kind of luxury would require.

The Uliveto Principessa Park Hotel located in Cittanova is just 11.4Km from the village of Piminoro in the region of Calabria Italy. Lying in serene lush green gardens this four star hotel is strategically located in between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is wonderful to spend time on the beaches in this region.

The five star Hotel Villa Afrodite in the Calabria Region is just 20.1Km from Piminoro village and is considered to be the most spectacular hotel in the region. It is only a few kilometers distance from the Aspromonte Mountain and is just along the famed Costa dei Gelsomnini.

A charming and restored location which is the heart of the region is called the La Casa di Gianna retains and pays homage to the charms of Gerace and is only 18.4 Km from the village of Piminoro.

Why not reside in charming olive groves facing the stunning Tyrrhenian Sea, while residing in the four stars Hotel Arcobaleno in Palmi? It is at a distance of 18.2 kilometers from the village of Piminoro.

The stunning Residence Gnura Momma is a quaint hotel in the village of Locri which is 22.0Km from the Piminoro village. It is close to the Ionian Sea which lies on the Jasmine Calabrian coast.


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