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Need to rent a car in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Get some inside information on car rental agencies and what to look out for.

Driving in Argentina and indeed Buenos Aires is not recommended as the easiest mode of transport. Although it offers you a little more flexibility, public transport within Buenos Aires should suitably meet your needs.

You may also find that the drivers are far less tolerant in Buenos Aires and that accidents are fairly common. It is not unfair to say that drivers in Buenos Aires can be intolerant of hesitant or slow drivers and that they can be aggressive whilst driving with fairly little concern for pedestrians and other road users. It is strongly advised therefore that if you rent a car, you drive defensively and with great caution.

The car rental agency in Buenos Aires will probably reinforce the need to adhere to road user rules whilst driving your rental car. wearing your seat belt which is the law.

Pedestrians do not have right of way and even on designated crossing points, it is necessary that they act with extreme care.

Other than the main highways, the roads in Buenos Aires are generally not well maintained or signed. Since the express ways are privately owned, it will also be necessary for you to pay a toll from one stretch of the road to another.

Whilst driving in Buenos Aires and across the rest of Argentina, ensure that you adhere to all the relevant road rules and do not exceed speed limits. As with the rest of Argentina, bribery is not uncommon in Buenos Aires and it is suggested that you merely accept a fine if one is imposed on you.

However, if you do chose this mode of transport then most of the international car rental agencies are represented across Argentina and hence Buenos Aires and you should be able to return your car at a car rental office in a different city to your original point of hire.

Although you able to use a regular UK drivers license in Argentina it is recommended that you apply for an international drivers license.

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