Kite Festival of India

Are you interested in learning about the Kite Festival held in India? Do you want to learn about the cultural significance of the Kite Festival of India? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Kite Festival of India is an annual tradition celebrated throughout the country on the 14th of January. It originated from the enjoyment that the Kings and Nawabs experienced from the traditional sport of kite flying. Since then it has developed into a cultural celebration that is eagerly anticipated each year. The Kite Festival is traditionally held over two or three days and is a celebration that is cherished by the people no matter their class or age group. It is also traditionally marked by gatherings of people on terraces and fields as they eagerly participate.

Cultural Significance

The Kite Festival of India is a significant cultural celebration in India. The celebration is not only a great opportunity to showcase one’s craftsmanship in regards to kites but it also celebrates the beginning of the end of winter. The celebration also serves as a marker of the beginning of the harvest season. It is known to be drawing nearer as with its approach the days become longer the skies clearer and the breeze cooler. The Festival is also culturally significant as the celebration is primarily based on the Hindu religion as it is believed to be the time of the Gods’ awakening from their slumber.

The Celebration

The basic premise of the celebration is that people of all ages fly their kites from dawn until dusk. Once the kites are in the sky though it is more than simple flying that occurs; the Kite Festival is known for the kite-fights, exhibitions, and competitions that are featured in the sky. Most families in India create their own kites as it is regarded as a family project in the weeks leading up to the celebration. In part due to the fact that the kites are handcrafted they range in size from a few inches to multiple feet. It is also possible to purchase a kite for the festival with a noted location of the Patang Bazaar or kite market located in Ahmedabad. The Kite Festival is able to continue well into the night because of the creation of illuminated box kites. The Festival is cherished throughout India but is particularly revered in Northern India.

Growing Popularity

The Kite Festival is gaining prominence not only in India but around the world. The Festival is marked each year in India by crowded rooftops. These rooftops are in part crowded due to tourism as the Festival attracts many foreign visitors. The Kite Festival is also so beloved that spin off festivals are held around the world in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia; however, its roots and the original ceremony can only be experienced in India itself.

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