La Plata Argentina Attractions

La Plata is the capital of Buenos Aires province and is located 60km southwest of the city of Buenos Aires. It is a city filled with European tradition and historical connections. See our guide for more facts and information…

The City

La Plata is known as the city of diagonals. There is a park or square located after every block of six streets. It is a green city with an abundance of trees such as lime, orange and jacundas. The architecture is a blend of European built to match the geography of the city. The weather is warm and very humid.

La Plata Anniversary

Those lucky enough to be in La Plata in November will be able to join in the celebration of the founding of La Plata. Many cultural activities such as music festivals, the traditional beneficent dinner and thanks giving masses take place.

Tourist Attractions

Pereira Park is a perfect place for recreation. It is located in the south zone and has open spaces for the tourists. It is also a highly environmentally conscious place as there are restricted areas where the flora and fauna of the area is protected and allowed to grow. In the park it is a paradise of outside activities for bird watching, cycling or camping.

Astronomic Observatory

The observatory is a part of the University of La Plata. It is between gardens and forests and is an important research center. There are several research domes the major one has an 83 centimeter telescope with a magnetic tunnel. While on campus, be sure to view the library of the university which is rated one of the best libraries in South America.

La Republica de los Ninos

This is the theme park for children, located on the outskirts of La Plata in Gonnet. It was founded in 1952. There are 35 buildings that show medieval, European and Islamic architecture. Here you will also find the El Museo del Murieco, which has a collection of 2500 artifacts donated by various diplomats. The most important ones belong to the Chancay culture which existed in Peru before the Spanish conquest.

The Cathedral

The cathedral in La Plata is located in front of Moreno Square. This contains several French and German designed windows and is the largest geo gothic building in South America. You may look around the crypt area of the cathedral and find links to many legends. You can also take the transparent elevator to the top of the building. This provides a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding areas. You may also go down to a subterranean museum here.

All of these sites and others make La Plata a great place for the tourist to stop over. The city also offers a variety of accommodations and dining choices.

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