Las Lenas Ski Resort Argentina

For the dedicated skier, summer can be a time of frustration. You can avoid this by visiting Las Lenas Ski Resort in Argentina. This is undoubtedly one of the finest ski resorts to be found in South America. Read our guide for more facts and informat

Las Lenas Ski Resort is in the northwestern part of Argentina in the heart of the Andes Mountains in Mendoza Province. One of the things to be noted about Valle Las Lenas is that it is situated entirely above the tree line, very different from most North American and European ski resorts. There will be times during heavy snowstorms that skiing is not possible, but for the times when the blue sky is out Las Lenas is a skier’s paradise. The storms bring in not inches but feet of snow.

The Village

The village of Las Lenas itself is small and quiet. It is built around the ski resort with skiers in mind, so that their needs are all catered to. There are a number of hotels and condominiums available at prices from high end to budget so that all skiers can make a trip to Las Lenas fit their pocketbooks.

Everything needed for the perfect ski vacation is available in the village. There is a movie theater, grocery store, several restaurants, a game room and night clubs, some of which stay open all night. You can also visit the highest casino in the world if you are feeling lucky.

Learn to Ski

In Las Lenas even beginners will have fun. There are lessons taught upon request daily whether you are adult or a child. There is also a snow bound school and childcare area offered for the children who do not want to ski.

You don’t have to worry about big crowds on the ski lift either. There are actually twelve lifts available, and being in a rather rural area away from large cities, the weekends are the only times you will see a crowd.

Getting to Las Lenas

Las Lenas is about 750 miles from Buenos Aires. You can reach it by car, bus or airplane. Driving is good, as the highways leading to Las Lenas are very well maintained and usually are kept clear of snow. If you do drive remember that snow chains will be required on your car.

Multi Purpose Resort

Just as many resorts do double duty in the U.S., Las Lenas is also open during the summer (December through May) for hiking, swimming and other summer activities.

Booking Your Stay

Many people north of the equator are unfamiliar with this little slice of heaven. You will find sites on the internet that will help you book a vacation package to Las Lenas or you can contact a travel agent.

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