Perpignan France Vacation Guide

Are you going on vacation to France? Can’t decide if Perpignan is worth seeing? Read our reasons why you should visit Perpignan on your vacation to France.

Perpignan is situated in the far south of the Languedoc region of France. Perpignan in France is an excellent vacation place for people who enjoy nature, sun, sea, sand and even mountains. Perpignan is famed for its long sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the Mediterranean coastlines.  Anyone planning a vacation that takes them through the south west of France should definitely include Perpignan in their vacation itinerary, and there are several reasons why.

Vacation Culture in Perpignan

If you want more than just sun, sea and sand on or vacation, or you’re something of a history and culture buff, Perpignan is the vacation destination for you. Perpignan has a fascinating history and in fact just as many people come here on vacation to admire the French Gothic & Renaissance architecture as they do to enjoy the beaches.

Vacation Attractions in Perpignan

Probably not a massive vacation crowd attractor, but no less interesting is that Perpignan has one of the most famous carillons in Europe. Carillons are similar to church bells and entire melodies can be played on them. Perpignan’s carillon has the unique distinction of being the only one in the world built in the 19th century that has a range of four octaves. The carillon in Perpignan is still active today, in fact it has even been made electric and every day in Perpignan it is played three times daily. Be sure to catch one of the performances if you’re in Perpignan on vacation.

Museums in Perpignna

Other interesting things to do in Perpignan include visiting one of the museums in the town.  Aside from the natural history museum which has a collection of artifacts excavated from the surrounding area, there are the museums of coins & medals as well as the Museum of Catalan Art & Tradition. If you’re interested in art then be sure to stop by the Hyacinthe Rigaud Museum of Painting on your vacation to Perpignan.

Vacation Weather in Perpignan

Perpignan is in a perfect for location for a vacation. Situated on the southern Coast of France the weather is absolutely beautiful all year round. Perpignan is close enough to other interesting towns in France to be included as a destination on part of a self drive holiday to France. Perpignan, located in the south west of France, is also very close to the Spanish border which means you could pop across to enjoy some shopping in Spain.

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