Healthy Italian Food Recipes

Did you know that Italian food is extremely healthy? Find out how you can preserve your health while treating yourselves with delicious Italian healthy food recipes.

We live in strange times. We have so much easy access to knowledge yet we remain ignorant. We have much more disposable income than ever before yet all our lives we remain in debt. Similarly we have become much more health conscious than our previous generation yet obesity is becoming one of the biggest health problems in the world. Our dieting habits are absurd and we are a lethargic people who have given up living a healthy lifestyle while being aware of it. The root of the problem however lies in poor diet regulation. Of course we all love to treat our taste buds but what is the price we are willing to pay for a good after taste in our mouth? In such a time healthy Italian food serves as the perfect alternative to keep us satisfied by all means.

Mediterranean Diet

The long narrow strip of land known as Italy is renowned for possessing one of the most unique cuisines in the world. Once upon a time the poor people’s diet of Italy used to be quite different from the rest of the well off public. Today that same poor people’s diet takes on the form of one of the healthiest diets that one can live by. Today it is referred to as the Mediterranean diet which is being encouraged by health care professionals all around the world.

Healthy Tomato Sauce

So what makes the Italian recipes so healthy? The world loves to eat pasta and many people make it at their homes. But when you start making all the added ingredients that are used in preparing a pasta dish at home then you have an extremely healthy meal. For example if you start making the pasta tomato sauce at home rather than buying one from the super market you will be eating a healthier meal. This is because in the home made sauce you can use the best vegetables, minus the added sugar and salt and make it free from any kinds of additives and preservatives. All in all preparing your own healthy tomato sauce should not take you more than 25 minutes.

Did you know that certain parts of Italy like Sardinia have the longest life expectancy in Europe? Why wouldn’t they? After all they have a lovely climate that fosters the grown of tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, fresh fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and pasta. These are all the elements that contribute to the making of a healthy and balanced diet. You would be amazed to find out that even though the Italians consume more tomatoes than anyone else in the world they do not have tomato sauce in their supermarkets. This is because the Italians are conscious of their health and have the aptitude to take care of it unlike others. This is why they avoid the use of bottled and canned eating items and stick to all natural home made products in order to prepare the healthiest of meals. All Italian food recipes are healthy provided you use the right kind of ingredients.

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