Rosario Argentina Attractions

Rosario is the third largest city in Argentina with a population of over one million. They like to compare themselves to the largest city and capital, Buenos Aires. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Location and Facts

Rosario is located about 300 km north of Buenos Aires, on the Parana River. It is situated in a rather flat area, with good farmland all around. Many people think there is little to do and see in Rosario, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Rosario is filled with buildings from colonial historical times, museums, monuments and being on the river, beaches. Rosario is also an industrial hub. As such, the city is a major railroad terminal and shipping center. Ocean going vessels reach Rosario by sailing up the Rio Parana.

As Rosario is an important shipping center, it is also important to the agricultural areas that surround it. The Rosario-Victoria Bridge spans the Rio Parana and connects Rosario with the farms across the river.

Colonial Homes

The colonial homes of Rosario show just how important the city or settlement was to the Spanish. There are ornate buildings and churches everywhere. Monuments illustrate past events in Argentine history that have occurred here.

Parque Nacional a la Bandera and Monumento de la Bandera

The park and monument to the Argentine flag are the biggest tourist attractions in Rosario. This monument will give you a great deal of Argentine history along with the history of the flag. The top of the monument is a good place to view the rest of the city and the Parana River.

Parque de Independienca

This park, dedicated to Argentine independence, is home to several museums. In this area you will find the Museo de la Ciudad and the Museo Historico Provincial Dr. Julio Marc. Included in this park is also the city futbol or soccer field.

Water Sports

Being on the Rio Parana, there is a multitude of beaches and water recreation areas. Being in the northern part of the country there is a sub tropical climate that makes late spring and summer conducive to sun bathing, swimming boating and fishing. The larger boats have a place to tie up in marinas located along the river.

If you truly like the beaches and the outdoors, you should check out the islands found in the Rio Parana. These are great places to just kick back, watch the traffic on the river and people watch. You can also put up a campsite on several of the islands.

Night Life

If you enjoy night life, Rosario will not disappoint you. Besides the many fine restaurants, you will also find a lively pace set for you at local nightclubs. In Rosario, you can truly find the attractions and entertainment that a city of its size should offer.

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