Citalia Holidays To Italy

Want to learn more about Citalia holidays to Italy? Read on for facts and info on the holiday planning by agents at Citalia and discover the perfect Citalia holiday to Italy matching your requirements…

Citalia is a popular travel and tourism planning agency which is famous for its holiday plans for Italy. It has been organizing holiday trips to the country for more than 80 years. The high level of experience and passion for the Italian culture and country at large make the leading planners of Italy holidays even today.

The company offers an extensive range of holiday plans covering diverse Italian destinations. They plan everything from routes to accommodation of different types for their clients. This makes them the perfect agency to contact for all types of visitors to Italy.

They can help you plan a romantic vacation to the historical city of Rome or book a luxury holiday to the region of Sorrento. You can even book a private villa in the suburbs of Tuscany using their services. Irrespective of your particular requirements, Citalia can help you plan the perfect holiday plan for Italy.

Amongst the special offers that they are currently offering to their clientele are late city breaks, late beach breaks, coasts and islands, the lakes, city breaks and family holidays. Each different kind of offer has its own benefits for the specific type of traveler.

The late city and beach breaks are specially tailored packages for those individuals that have made a last-minute decision to take a trip of Italy and require the services of specialist to plan a fun filled trip covering the best destinations of Italy.

Similarly, the lakes offer is for tourists that want to visit the various lakes of Italy. The package includes a number of different lake destinations and can be customized to meet the traveler’s requirements. Family holidays are organized keeping in mind the places to visit with the family and the type of accommodation families may require.

The destinations covered on the hot list of Citalia include Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Milan, Naples and Bologna from amongst the must see cities. The coastal regions covered by the specialists include the Adriatic Rivera, Liquria, Neapolitan Rivera and Puglia amongst others.

Citalia also helps to plan trips to the serene countryside regions of Italy. Amongst the must see countryside territories of Italy are the rolling hills of Tuscany that are richly laden with cypress trees and vineyards.  Then you have various other countryside regions including Piemonte and Umbria, which happen to be rich with history and culture.

Also, part of the services rendered by Citalia are escorted tours. In fact Citalia is the first travel and tourism planner to have initiated the concept of guided tours to Italy. These tours are perfect for visitors making their way to the country for the first time, although many returning visitors also like to take these escorted tours as they help them to cover all the major attractions that the country has to offer.


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