The Meaning of Argentina

Ever questioned how or why Argentina is called Argentina? As this article will show, it all relates to silver.

Argentina is one of the most southernly located country in South America. It is situated between the Andes Mountains to the west and the southern Atlantic Ocean in the east and south. Neighboring Argentina to the north is Brazil, and Uruguay to the Northeast. Argentina also has a hold on the Falkland Islands, that are located South of Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Argentina was officially named Republica Argentina, but for legislation purposes Nacian Argentina (Argentine Nation) is used.

The world Argentina comes from the latin word for silver, argentum. The history of the name goes way back to some of the first voyages that were made by the Spanish expeditionists to the River Plate Region. Survivors of a shipwrecked expedition, Led by by Juan Daaz de Sola­s, discovered indigenous people in the of Argentina who he gave silver objects as gifts. News of the Incredible Sierra del Plata “a mountain that is rich with silver” got to Spain in about 1524. After that the Spanish called the river of Sola­s, Ra­o de la Plata ( The River of Silver).

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