Irish Celtic Symbols

Interested in Irish Celtic symbols? Want to know the stories behind the most popular Celtic symbols? Get the facts & information about this historic culture of Irish symbols…

The ancient Celts made use of symbols in every aspect of their lives. For them, the Irish Celtic symbols used to carry incredible powers.

Celtic refers to the residents of Britain and Western Europe between the time periods spanning from 500 BC to 400 AD. They are believed to belong to the Iron Age and lived in societies comprising of small villages. At the head of each village would be a warrior chief.

The collection of Irish Celtic symbols is extensive yet they are very difficult to determine and trace. This is largely due to the fact that very little written information is available from that time period. Much of the interpretation of these signs that is done today is associated with the Roman Empire which spread over the Celtic lands in due course.

The age old tradition of story telling is how some of these symbols and their meanings have been preserved and this is why the culture of Celtic symbols still remains strong. Some of the most popular Irish Celtic symbols are as follows.


This is a Greek term that translates as “Three Legged” and the sign pretty much gives it away as it looks like three legs in a running motion. The symbol is believed to carry the meaning of progress and competition.


This Celtic symbol translates to mean “Three cornered”. This is one of the Holy symbols out of the collection which is believed to have numerous meanings associated with nature, spirit and existence of cosmos.

Triple Spiral

This is another unique symbol from the Celtic collection. It depicts the calling upon three powers of the maiden, mother and the crone. This sign is taken as a representation of female power that comes through growth and transition.

Three Rays

As the name suggests, the drawing consists of three rays. The first symbol is believed to represent man whereas the third one is for the woman. The middle ray is taken as a representation of balance between these two forces.

Single Spiral

This rather simple symbol takes on many meanings. Some take it as a symbol of growth whereas others take it as representing birth and expansion of the consciousness. In some cases it is also believed to be representing other worldly energy radiating.


A historic pattern, the five fold is believed to represent balance. The outer circles in the diagram represent the four natural elements of earth, water, air and fire. The circle in the middle is believed to be the goal where every human being must reach to attain a balance between all these elements.


The symbol has a hub at its center. This represents unity of all three powers.

Double Spiral

This popular Irish Celtic symbol is taken as a symbol of balance on one end whereas on the other it is believed to represent the equinoxes.


This is perhaps one of the most popular Irish Celtic Symbols. It is taken as a bridge that connects heaven and earth. The symbol has a circle at its very center which signifies eternal spiritual love.

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