The Weather in Argentina

Off to Argentina? Get the information and forecast you need on the weather in Argentina to help with your packing.

Argentina offers a wealth of weather variations which may make for an interesting visit if you are travelling across Argentina.

These variations are primarily due to the size of the country. It is the 8th biggest country in the world and almost as large as India. There are also great differences across Argentina in respect to latitude and altitude, which also contributes to the variations of weather in Argentina.

In terms of geographical positioning, Argentina extends between 22° and 55° S and spans from the Patagonia in the south to the deserts of Salta in the North. The country forms borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay.

Since Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. Consequently, Spring falls in September to November, Summer falls in December to February, Autumn falls in March to May and Winter falls in June to August.

With weather in mind, the best times to visit Argentina depend on the area being visited. It is a good idea to visit the northeast and the northwest in the winter, although you may experience torrential rain at this time. The rain is usually short lived however and shouldn’t prove too problematic. Spring is a good time for Buenos Aires as the summer is extremely hot and humid.

A significant number of residents in Buenos Aires vacate the city is the winter time and go to cooler regions as the weather can prove almost unbearable. Patagonia is far cooler than Buenos Aires, and the warmest time to visit the region is between the months of November and March.

Iguazu Falls and Salta are warm through the whole year and can therefore be visited at any time. January is a holiday month in Argentina and it is best to avoid the country during this period if possible as many areas can become overcrowded and busy.

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