Mexican Cotton Blankets

Mexican cotton blankets have several special characteristics. To find out how to identify a quality cotton blanket in Mexico read on for more facts & information…

People travelling to Mexico can get their hands on high quality, colour, cotton blankets available throughout the country. Thanks to the internet, one can easily buy cotton blankets made in  Mexico. These stylish cotton blankets are made from acrylic cotton polyester blend and come in a wide array of colors.

Affordable Cotton Blankets

Among the many kinds of Mexican blankets available, the cotton variety is the most affordable and can easily be bought be online. Some cotton blankets are available at wholesale rates. They usually come in small sizes, measuring approximately 72’’ x 24’’.  The simple varieties may be priced under $5 which is considerably cheaper than other blankets, making them perfect for everyday use.  It is also advisable to look for any discounts or bundles offered to get the best offer. Furthermore some websites require you to place a minimum order.

If you are among the collectors then make sure to look for the retailers selling specially picked pieces. These handpicked pieces are the ones with exotic prints and designs reflecting the Mexican culture.

Washing & Care

It is important to note that Mexican cotton blankets should be machine washed with cold water on the normal cycle. If you are using a dryer to dry then you must air fluff. It is important to remember that heat damages acrylic and polyester material and so to lengthen the life of your blanket be sure to wash with care and avoid heat.

Mexican cotton blankets are a must have as they not only provide you with the needed warmth and comfort but also appeal to the eyes with their catchy deigns and vivid colors. So wait no more and get the most convenient Mexican cotton blanket.

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