Tourist Sites in Buenos Aires

For people going on vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina, knowing what the tourist sites are before you go is a big help. We run you through the main tourist spots to help you decide where to visit.

Orientation: Knowing your way around Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, being a large city, had certain areas with their own characteristics and tourist sites. Some of the more interesting places to visit in Buenos Aires are located in certain key areas. In the area known as El Microcentro (the heart of the city) there are many 19th century buildings. North of here you come to the area of Plaza Libertador General San Martin from where you will catch sight of Argentina’s version of Big Ben, the Torre de los Ingeles. Take a walk southwards on the Florida and Lavalle pedestrian streets and you can do some shopping. If it is theatre you are after then head for the lively Corrientes district.

Main Tourist Sites in Buenos Aires

Catedral Metropolitana – contains the tomb of Argentina’sy venerated figure and liberator, Jose de San Martin.

Casa Rosada – the pink palace with the famous balcony from which Evita stood before crowds.

Manzana de las Luces – a square of buildings dating to he 18th century containing Buenos Aires’ oldest church, Iglesia San Igancio.

Palacio el Congreso – the green dome modelled on the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., USA.

Teatro Colon – the 2500 seater theatre offering world-class opera, ballet and classical music.

Plaza Dorrego – on Sundays pay the antique fair a visit to buy anything from dresses to watches to crystal while taking in some street entertainment.

Caminito – a pedestrian walk lined with the paintings of local artists.

Cementeria de la Recoleta – the cemetery where the rich and famous lay. Stroll through to take in the ornate splender, statues and marble work. Evita’s grave is also situated here.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – the museum houses works from French impressionists and Argentine artists.

Museo Evita – as the name suggests the museum tracks the life of Argentina’s first lady, Evita.

Tours in Buenos Aires

For those wanting formal tours on Buenos Aires to see the main tourist sites there are a number of tours available. The main type of tours are with buses as arranged by companies. There are also walking ours of the city with historians who can give indepth briefings. If you enjoy bikes then there is also the option to take a number of bike tours to see Buenos Aires’ tourist sites. Always make sure, if you don’t speak Spanish, that tours are available in other languages.

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