Australia Shark Attack

Interested in the Australia Shark Attack report? Learn more about the Australian shark attacks and the impact on the population…

Each year Australian Marine and zoo organizations publish an Australian shark attack report. The report basically highlights the number of shark encounters and attacks on the human population.

According to the latest report it highlights that the sharks are found in large populations all around the estuarine habitats and coastal waters off the Australian coastline. There is 35,000 km of coastline that surround the continent of Australia. The 2008 population statistics reveal that there are 22 million people in Australia and there are more and more people who enter the coastal water area on an annual basis. Whether this is for commercial purposes or to enjoy the coastal areas for recreational reasons, there are a larger number of humans interacting with the Marine life and coastal waters throughout the year.

The Reality of Australia Shark Attacks

Even though the information on Australia shark attack has caused a lot of international furor leading to a bad reputation in terms of it being a dangerous area for swimmers, the statistics negate the so-called facts and indicate otherwise.

Interestingly enough, there have been only 53 reported shark attacks in the past five decades that have resulted in human fatalities. That puts the average number of shark attacks at 1.06 attacks on an annual basis that have occurred in the Australian coastal waters that involve fatal interactions with sharks.

In certain years no fatalities have been noted, while in other years the record shows a maximum of three attacks in one year. However, at no point has the average shot over one attack and the cumulative over three attacks for fatalities in a single calendar year.

There are hundreds of thousands of swimmers who enjoy the coastal waters, rivers and beaches for swimming each day. Not only is tourism resulting in an increased number of swimmer days in the country, but the local population is also interacting more with the coastal waters. Monitored and created at the Taronga zoo establishment, The Australian Shark Attack File is then associated and merged with an international document called the International Shark Attack File. This is an effort to conserve the population of sharks across the world and the entire document and its creation is overseen and managed by the US based Elasmobranch Society.

The Aims and Objectives of The Australia Shark Attack File

The foremost aim is to document all the recorded and reported shark attacks ever known to have occurred in Australian coastal waters. These cover all the past information no matter how far dated it is. Furthermore, the only consideration for the information is that a noted and verifiable account of the fatality and the date of the attack is available. If this is known then the record of the attack is made in the Australia shark attack file.  The contents of the report are the basis of the material utilized by scientific researchers that analyze the reason for Australian shark attacks on humans.

The interaction between the human being and shark is analyzed and the injury is also recorded. The use of diversionary action by any of the victims or other members is recorded. The location of the attack and equipment that was worn by the victim and how it was damaged by the shark bite is also noted.

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